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    since the other thread was closed, I would like to talk about problems I have with the rpi 4 on tkaisers RPI+ image with rpi 4 mods.

    I am using a single ssd data disk over usb3 to sata adapter. I tried different setups. Sabrent USB3 to sata und icy-box usb3.1 to sata. I tested two different SSD models, the 860evo 1TB und the mx500 1TB. I get am getting a maximum of 70MB/s read or write, mostly in the 60's, iperf is showing 940mbit/s.
    The system runs stable. I am using rsync over ssh to backup to another computer. This works fine most of the time. After some uptime which varies, there is no login via ssh possible and rsync fails accordingly. The webui works normally. Disabling and reenabling rsync does not help. A reboot does.
    The second problem I have is, while attaching an usb backup disk and using the usb backup addon, the rsync process works. If I leave it for more than an hour after finishing, another rsync job is triggerd. Then I get the filesystem label changes email for my SSD data drive. The data drive is not mounted anymore. A reboot fixes the problem.

    Anyone else having the same troubles?
    Are these realted to the rpi or to the usb to sata bridges?

    I am quite frustrated. Thougt about getting another arm sbc, like the nanopi M4 with the SATA hat or build an x86 J4205.
    But comparing the prices and work and time I am actually thinking getting a diskstation might be the better alternativ.

    cu Buzz

    Modifying the Rpi3 OMV 4 Image Works.

    Boot up a Rpi3. Upgrade. Change config to Buster as Outlined above. Dist-Upgrade. Reboot. Works.
    Switch Card to Rpi4. Works.

    Optional. Change Boot Partition to 256mb using another Computer. Google Is your friend.



    tried your suggestion. Works perfectly.

    In line 10 you meant release=stretch. Correct?

    Did it that way.
    Resizing the boot partition is easy too. Did that by deleting and recreating with Gparted.

    As soon as OMV 5 is available I will use that anyway.

    I tried to get an img with raspiBackup which worked but on restore the system was booting but not working correctly. This is doing a dd of the disk. Does the backup tool do something different?

    Thanks Sebastian


    I can not get this to work. Tried twice.

    I am sure I did every step right. Downloaded a fresh Raspian Buster lite img. Installed omv through armbian-config.
    Before the reboot nginx is installed website appears, but after the reboot there is no web-ui. I am using the ip address. ssh access is ok after reboot.

    How can I debug?

    Thanks, Sebastian