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    Well these guides where really useful, thank you for pointing this out to me!!

    I've tried to run the jupyter image under my default ip and port 200, when i access it it sais the website cant be reached, when i refresh the container OMV tells me the image has stopped, the logs are however empty.

    I've used the following settings:
    Hardware: Rockpi 4b with 128 gb emmc
    Linux: Debian 9
    Dockerfile: samsys/python3-jupyter (this should be compatible)
    OMV: 4.1.12-1
    ufw port 200 is open
    filesystems: /dev/mmcblk1p4 (boot,vfat, 500 mb) and /dev/mmcblk1p5 (ext4, 113 gb)
    users: XXX (every group) and jupyter (users,adm,audio,XXX,jupyter) (i'd like to run the docker under user jupyter)
    Docker container info:
    Networking: mode=bridge,host=XXX,port forward=(ip=, port=200,cport=200,protocol=tcp)
    Environment variables: PGID=1001 (this is user jupyter), path=(what was there),PUID=1001
    Volumes: host path /sharedfolders/Jupyter /containerpath /Jupyter
    This is the data:

    Any clue whats wrong here ? I'm guessing its a permission issue, but this is based on nothing....

    Thank you in advance.

    Thanx for the reply!

    Hi there,

    I’m running omv on my rockpi 4b. I would like to run a docker image with jupyter ( until this point this all runs nicely. I however have absolutely no clue what settings i need to fill in in order to run that image, there is a lot of data requested. I’ve been looking for a guide on how to set up jupyter in docker in omv but have not been able to find one. However, if someone cannot be found on the internet, it just simply means that one is looking in the wrong places.

    Does anyone have a idea what i should do to get me started ? Is this a OMV question ? A docker question? A jupyter question ? Or even a Linux question ?

    If i’m Trying to just run the image but then I just get errors and have no idea what i’m Doing.

    I hope anyone can help me get started here, i really feel clueless...

    Thank you in advance.

    PS: I do have quite some self taught Linux knowledge, this docker thing is just completely new for me.