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    Hello all,

    new guy here. I am trying to get my digital life together and organized with my backups and home data storage as I am lacking in a lot of ways currently and looking at OMV. It'd be used as a shared drive between some windows and linux devices (have been thinking about getting my first mac soon as well) where those devices might have like a folder specific to that device that it would like to sync between the network drive. I'm concerned about data integrity as I've had disks before get partially corrupted and want warnings/monitoring of this if possible.

    I have a Qnap TS-251+ that I got that was not being used. It is a 2 disk nas device

    I'd like to upgrade the DOM and install OMV - I think I've read that being done from some google-fu as its pretty much just a x86 intel PC. I have to figure out where to get a usb DOM module but I think once I do it will be ok. If anyone has done something like this with a similar QNAP and wants to warn me not to, i'm all ears.

    I want to ditch the qnap OS, it's goofy to me and the security seems to be....uh, how do we say....whack.

    I would like this device to be my home NAS. I don't really go crazy with movies or whatever, more just like document organization, photos, important files, and backup OS images. I don't plan to expose it to the internet currently, but that might change and I would look to use something like zerotier for this, but i'd more likely want to setup something like an raspberry pi where just what I need to be available widely is synced to the specific portion of the nas and expose that through vpn or soemthing.

    ok, my OMV setup questions:

    I would like the disks to just be mirrors of each other. Don't really need raid, but just want dumb mirrored disk in case a drive dies. What would be the preferred way to set this up so that the drives are just mirrors and what is the recovery process like to "rebuild" the setup if one of the disks craps itself.

    disk encryption? - is it worth it, i'm curious about setting this up, my other home NAS experience has been with setups wher eyou can pull the disk and copy stuff off if needed. I'm assuming this makes recovering anything in case of failure harder. Is there a reliable way to have your data encrypted, but not "destabilize" your backup setup. maybe some like veracrypt container or soemthing?

    off site - I'm interested in setting up an offsite auto backup of my stuff, I was thinking about using zerotier with a trusted friend/family member. for a paid service are there any encrypted at rest kinda zero knowledge cloud backup solutions that have easy integration with OMV? such as or similar? I don't like the idea of cloud storage that can scan through tax documents or whatever else

    simple device image backups - I've been lax about this and am not backed up like I should be. I was thinking of something like URbackup to have the different machines at home backedup, even like rpi's and stuff I use around the house for various things. I'd like it kinda set-and-forget and just knowing that I'll have an image backed up nightly in an iterative manner ready to go if one of my machines disks bites the dust.

    bonus- backing up OMV install image incase OS drive dies - does OMV support this?

    I guess I'm looking for some advice on whole home backup best practices using OMV with my data being private and safe from hardware failure locally and usefully and easily accessed between devices on my home network.

    Sorry for the novel, thanks for reading this far. Any tips or advice are appreciated.