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    Was going to build RAID 5 out of 3x 10TB 3.5" drives, to achieve a reasonable compromise between capacity and redundancy, but it is starting to look I may have to settle for 2x 10TB 3.5" + 2x 5TB 2.5" drives instead. Is there a point trying to make something similar to RAID5 out of this drive pool, or should I just stick to RAID1 for each pair of the drives sacrificing capacity for redundancy & reliability?

    @Shinobi you should measure your current heatsink, and take into account its mounting holes. Basically you want a heatsink of the same shape but noticeably higher - and it shouldn't interfere with other components. A fan might be an easier solution...

    @aldrick you're welcome! I'd get RockPro64 myself but I need something physically smaller, so choosing between RockPi4 and NanoPi M4, also RK3399. They are more expensive than RockPro64, and won't accept standard PCIE SATA controllers without adapters driving final cost further up but sadly I have no choice. Here's my thread asking for advice, it has links to couple PCIe SATA controllers, maybe it will be helpful - or maybe you are familiar with these controllers and can give me some advice on them.


    * Odroid H2 has 2x SATA ports and single m.2 NVME port and accepts 14~20V power, up to 60W according to spec. Its SATA ports are confirmed to support port multiplier functionality, however it seems internal power circuitry will not be able to handle additional SATA drives, so you will need to power them separately.

    * RockPro64 is a nice RK3399 board you can just plug a PCIe to SATA controller card with 2, 4 or 6 ports. It accepts 12V for power, so you can get an ATX or pico PSU to power both the board (via barrel jack adapter) and the drives.

    Odroid H2 will be much more expensive (the board itself, much more expensive shipping, needs RAM).

    You can read about RK3399 performance (different board but results should be similar) here.

    @Shinobi you can put a fan and/or bigger heatsink on it, and use better thermal interface between heatsink and chipset e.g. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste (don't bother with liquid metal for heatsink, too much hassle).

    What stops me so far is that while I can easily sell something like Raspberry Pi 4 locally if it doesn't satisfy my requirements, because they are always in demand - NanoPi M4 with SATA hat and heatsink is an expensive and niche device, and if it doesn't perform well enough I'm stuck with $125 paperweight.

    @frauhottelmann @ryecoaaron would either of you please kindly measure the height of your NanoPi M4 from bottom of heatsink to top of usb3.0 connector?

    @geaves thank you for suggestion. Below are some photos illustrating my build. These are very WIP - all the excess plastic will be cut off from the caddies. Basically I'll have HDDs in left top, left bottom and right top areas of the case, and sbc with heatsink facing downwards, SATA card, ssd and pico psu in right bottom. There will be a single 60mm fan in center right area.

    @NothingNowhere than you for suggestion, I considered these but eventually decided to go with plastic parts because they prop the drives up.

    I'm planning to use He10 drives, from my understanding they run comparatively cool.


    I am making a NAS in a case intended for different equipment. It has single 3.5" bay, I'd like to add 2x more 3.5" bays, bought 2x plastic 5.25" to 3.5" caddies to use for this purpose. Can I use double-sided tape to attach the plastic 5.25" to 3.5" caddies to the metal parts of the case, or do I need to drill them through and use screws & nuts to avoid HDD vibration?