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    It's old but works like a Champ!

    EnerMax Full Tower Case

    Antec Earthwatts 500 PSU

    Thanks for the reply!

    Those line are concatenated so that wasn't the issue, it seems that apt-get has changed the way it looks at switches and no longer uses the --(switch) notation. still didn't fix things.

    Here what worked:

    Fresh minimal Debian 10 install

    Followed this:…-Developers/installScript

    Installed no issues

    Now I'm getting things back in order.....

    I think the original post needs to be marked ~depreciated~ and the link on the blog changed to reflict that link on to the github link above.



    First off I had my system running for 6months on OMV 4x no issues. So to upgrade I removed all my extras, cleared the partitions (SDA) with gparted before I started. I followed the OMV 5 installation video from the guides but the installation dies right after setting up the NIC with DHCP6, I thought it might be my raid turned that off no difference, I saw the announcement that 5.3.10 is released no download for that CD only available is 5.3.9, so I grabbed a new copy, same issue.

    I decided to try installing Debian 10 via the guide, got Debain installed (minimal system), connected via ssh and tried in do the to blocks via terminal. in the second block I get these errors:

    Install OMV5 on Debian 10 (Buster)

    I tried to edit the code but nothing seems to get it through the install.

    any ideas?

    Thanks Dwaine

    The RPM relates only to the speed the disk turns, what to check is the read/write/seek speed of the drive and cache to determine is you will have a data bottle neck, drives will larger cache will have less of a performance hit then using drives with larger and smaller cache, drives with a slow read/write/seek time will also create a bottle neck, this will show up when your transferring large files or streaming.