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    Thanks for you answer Adoby!
    I'll go ahead and start creating my new NAS. Like you said, I will just stream the original file, as I have a PC connected to my tv, so it can do the transcoding for itself. My network is a solid 1Gbps, so that should not be a problem.

    Hi all,

    Sorry for my English, I am Dutch :)

    I want to replace my old Netgear NAS. I have an old microserver from HP from an earlier project. It has 16 gigs of ram and a AMD Turion II Neo CPU. I am plannin got install OMV on an 16 gig usb flash drive. I will be using the NAS mostly for basic storage, backups and stream a movie now and then.

    Will this setup do for this purposes or do i have to get an hardware upgrade?

    Thanks in advance.