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    Hi Guys,

    I have a usb disk on my OMV server. this disk goes missing everyday, and I am finding that when I try copy files, no tall but some files that I get errors. I am suspecting the file system giving me issues. Is there anything you can recommend I try, how to scan and fix possible errors? Is EXT4 a possible solution?

    This is driving me crazy as I have to reboot my server once a day, run reset perms on the disk then all is good until the next day.

    Any advice or suggestions is highly recommended.


    Hi guys, I've been using cloudcommander and krusader in docker to copy data from one drive to another usb drive. Copy things like movies and so on. Every now and then the copy will freeze and mess with the entire folders permissions. I then need to restart my omv server, run reset perms and then I can write to my directory again. Super annoying as this happens at random and have no idea why.
    Is there any other tool I can copy specific files over to another drive that might work better then what I'm currently using.
    Any suggestions would be of great help

    Hi guys,

    Is there a way one can run reset perm in terminal for a specific folder?
    Reason I ask is that I have a folder that at random times, once every second day or so it loses its permissions, I have to then restart my server at run resetperms on that folder to get my permissions back.

    Want to try and create a scheduled job to run a resetperms command every day to see if this solves my annoying random problem.

    to give background, this is a movies folder where I have sonarr move and rename my downloads to, it works well but for some odd reason every second or third day this folder becomes read only then sonarr can no longer write to the directory. its getting super annoying and I'm not entirely sure whats causing it. then I need to restart and run resetperms, then its good for another couple of days.

    What I'm trying now is to set sonarr to change the permissions when it imports and renames the files to that share.
    Its just super weird that it will work for couple of days then out of the blue that share becomes read only. Sonarr is the only docker writing/moving files to this share so wondering if its related to sonarr messing the permissions up. When it becomes read only then reset permissions fails, as if the files are in a locked state, then after a restart reset perms succeeds and all is back to normal for couple of days

    Hi Guys,

    I have a weird one. I have a movie folder which is shared. Permissions set to everyone and works great. Have sonarr move completed downloads to this folder and works. But after a day or so, sometime a week, this folder will randomly lose its permissions and get set to read only.
    When I try reset the permissions with the resetperm plugin it will fail, then I reboot my OMV server, reset permissions again then it succeeds. Then the folders permissions will be fine for a couple of days then at random become read only again. This is super annoying and just cant figure out what would cause the folder to lose its permissions and become read only.

    Any suggestions would be of great assistance,


    Hey guys,

    I have a BTRFS formatted drive from a previous OMV instance with data on it. I have a newly installed OMV server where I would like to use this disk on.
    The disk isn't mounted as of yet, no shared folders setup in OMV yet either. Is there a way I can re-label the disk without having to format and recreating the drive? I saw a post using XFS but its not working, drive isnt XFS...

    Any assistance would be a great help.


    Oh yeah, a VM is a no brainer for sure lol, just thought there might of been some sort of OMV extra utility that might assist with some or other backup procedure. Thanks for the input, appreciate it.

    Hi guys,

    Hope you all are well. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, and apologies if i isn't.
    Is there a way to backup your entire OMV instance, I have OMV setup with a bunch of Dockers, have it running really smooth and would like some sort of backup of my OMV install.

    Any suggestions or advice would be great.

    Actually figured out it is the fact that OMV is installed on a flash drive, reinstalled on a SATA drive and errors are gone, performance increased dramatically.
    Guess it isnt worth installing on a flash drive due to super slow performance, not to mention timeout errors.

    Hope this helps anyone else that might experience this.

    Good morning everyone.

    I reinstalled a new instance of OMV4 on my desktop server. All is working fine, except every so often when adding dockers or editing dockers I get a comm error or gateway timeout error when adding or saving the dockers. Once I refresh then the dockers run and function as they should, so the dockers do work but I get this annoying error from time to time when editing them. Anyone seen this or can advise what I can look at?

    Appreciate any guidance or info.
    Have a great day.

    PS : Forgot to mention, I have OMV installed and booting from a USB Flash drive...

    Could I use the ntfs drives to read the data off of it? I have other disks that I will be placing fresh data on and they formatted as btrfs.

    Good evening all,

    Hope you all are well. I have a couple of drives on my original windows pc which served as my media server. All the usb disks are full and formatted as NTFS.
    I'm rebuilding a new OMV system and would like to use these disks and the media on them. My question is could I leave these file systems as is in order to access the media on my network? Does OMV read NTFS slower then any of the other file systems?

    Your suggestions and input is greatly appreciated.