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    I did an install today on my Ras Pi 4, did the "as a service over Debian" method which worked out almost perfectly although after the installation was finished I had to manually download and authorise 3 keys so apt-get update wouldn't spit out errors and fail.

    Once I authorised all the keys everything started working perfectly, omv-update finished with zero errors and checking for updated plugins also finished with no errors.

    Just waiting for OMV Extras now before I swap from 4 to 5 permanently.

    Been running Arrakis on my Pi 4 for a few months now and I'm loving OMV, it's so much easier running a Pi than having a second PC running 24/7 and OMV does everything my FreeNAS box used to do.

    I noticed that OMV 5 seems to be out now so I decided to install it onto a second SD Card and check it out and after a few small niggles I got everything working however there's so much functionality missing right now because OMV Extras is missing.

    I can live without NGINX and SQL but the lack of miniDNLA really is a problem for me, myself and my kids use the Media Server for hours every day and I can't take their cartoons away from them now they've had them on tap for months, especially since it's school holidays atm and here in England it's done nothing but rain for weeks.

    Any ideas when OMV Extras will drop for OMV 5? I've switched back to 4 for the moment but as soon as it releases I'm ready to upgrade.