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    Hello, i need help. Im thinking about making my home media server use combination of SnapRAID and MergerFS and for that i corrently at home have one 3tb and one 4tb drive in my widows pc that i plan to use in omv server. Now first question, can i start building my server with just this 2 drives, 3tb for data and 4tb for parity and then when i have mony buy additional 4tb drive and add it next to existing 3tb drive to extend storage.

    Next question, if this can work will i extend storage to 7tb (3+4tb) or will i extend it 6tb (3+4tb that i can only use up to 3tb since another drive that i have is 3tb)

    Another question, what will happend to the data if parity drive and data drive die

    hi, so im testing omv in vm before i go implement this on real hardware, i have one problem i have created raid5 with 3 drives and on top of that btrfs filesystem and this works fine but when i grow raid with another drive i cant expand filesystem resize option is greyout

    Hi so i have problems after installing omv on my old amd phenom system after installation from usb and first boot i get this

    after couple of reboot's i have been able to get to login screen but without network after running firstaid tool i get this

    But after reboot i get ip and i can connect to web interface but i have info on screen that configuration change i i need to reload it but after i click on this my network adapter go dark and i cant no longer connect to web