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    Good idea, but i'm not sure browsers like Firefox and Chrome support the webdav protocol.
    Also the plugin from omvextras permit creating a single webdav share, but not several webdav shares.

    I'm instead looking for a html/php interface like :

    where users have to log in using FTP credentials and can access only their folders with the exact same permission than php.

    The problem is I will need to add nginx and php-fpm configuration and I might break the OpenMediaVault upgrade process.

    Hi guys,

    In addition of the transfer protocols such as FTP, NFS, etc. I would like to enable a web access to download files stored on my OpenMediaVault system (OpenMediaVault version 5.0.5 built on 2019/08/16) using a browser.

    Is there a proper way or an official plugin to add a web access using nginx ?

    I could add the nginx configuration but I don't want to create a security hole.
    Users using HTTP(S) protocol should be prompted for their login/password and access only his allowed folders.

    If there is is it possible to manage upload too ?

    Maybe there is a ftp2php tool I could use ?