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    I also tried to change /etc/network/interfaces, but there is not many examples available about this.

    I finally solve the problem by adding files to /etc/systemd/network as explain here :

    So I add "br0.netdev"

    Than added ""

    Then Modify "" like this :


    I'm new to Debian/OMV (coming from Fedora/RedHat) and I face a problem. I can't figure out how to bridge 2 Ethernet cards. Since this can't be done in GUI, I tried many ways to do it using CLI, but none is working.

    The purpose of it is to connect a music DAC to the second network port of my motherboard so the music is streamed directly from OMV to the DAC without using a switch. This setup is OK with Fedora 30.

    Is there a step-by-step tutorial to explain how to bridge cards (layer 2) on OMV.

    My last attempt was to create files in /etc/systemd/network/ but it doesn't operate at all. eno1 and eno2 are up, but not br0