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    And I was talking about normal drives. Not the latest 7200 RPM large cache NAS drive. Even my WD Red Pros don't break 200. And he didn't specify what drives were being used, I used an average of about 150 which is what I would say is the average of every drive I own (I have a pile of over 30 drives...).
    Either way, a raid z2 array has two parity drives. I wouldn't expect it to get more than than the speed of two drives which is still (even with your fast drives) WELL under 10GBe let alone 40 GBe. So, my point stands that storage is the performance bottleneck.

    Totally agree that storage is his bottleneck. Nevertheless it depends on what particular drive he is using to make an evaluation of his transfer rates. Especially since he talks about maximum transfer rate. That's why I found it a bit surprising why you simply say that he can't expect more than 150 MB/s per disk anyway. You don't need to feel attacked at all. I only asked if you could explain the 150.

    Tried to change privileges of a folder and got the following error. HDD is still mounted and okay. All the shared folders on it are accessible. Any ideas?

    Hmm I read somewhere filezilla was able to make copies of whole partitions. But yeah makes sense since it's called FILE zilla.. :D
    That scripts would be awesome! Sent you a pm.

    Backups with FileZilla will not be bootable though. If you need no bootable backup and only backup of the directories themselves it should work.

    Logging in with the root account with FileZilla
    (FileZilla's name reminds me of STOPZilla, pup-up blocker, totally unrelated to topic though :D)

    Why wouldn't a Filezilla backup be bootable? ?(

    Hi at all!

    I would like to find an elegant way to make backups of the entire operating system. My idea is to create a sharedfolder to store the whole disk sda. Then weekly incremental updates would be useful. This way, I would always have a system backup with me when backing up all sharedfolders to a USB disk. Is there anyone here who does that? Or do you have better suggestions and how would they be roughly implemented?


    I have uninstalled borgbackup. Unfortunately there is still the link in the nav bar. When I click it it says "RPC service 'BorgBackup' not found.". There were no errors during uninstall process. How to remove that nav bar entry?
    I have also tried duplicati and its link too is still there after uninstall.

    Nice font size! :D

    Where do you see an issue regarding security?


    Here it is: Using user1, a SSH group member, to connect via SFTP I can access private shared folders of other users. Should actually be forbidden regarding the settings in the omv privileges. May be a better way not using that omv privileges at all..

    To enable hardware transcoding one should run the command --device=/dev/dri:/dev/dri. Can anyone tell me how that is done step by step? My first intention was to set a volume / bind mount /dev/dri => /dev/dri what does not work. Or should I just write that command to Extra Arguments? Or Container Command?


    I just setup my Plex server using docker and at the beginning I used my standard user user1 as it is shown in the guide video. Plex just went well. Everything is up to date, media files were found and meta data loaded. :thumbsup:

    But: Some guys recommend a dedicated docker user for better permission management. So let's try it out! Added user 'dockerUser', assigned group users and changed PUID in plex container. Now I'm having that issue that my media library seems to be empty. I can change configuration stuff (So access to /config seems to be ok I guess) and I can add a library (where I have to browse to the media folder, so access to /media seems to be ok too) but Plex somehow cant find the media files itself? When I try to browse a library its just saying "Library is empty".

    Are there any system groups dockerUser has to be assigned to or am I missing sth. else? ?(

    And by the way: I dont really get the sense of PGID option. In the guide, id of 'users' is used. Does that mean the docker container can only get permissions of that one group? What about groups PUID user is assigned to anyway?

    Thank you!