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    Doing a new build and using a faster NVME M2 ssd vs a external ssd on server. Since it 250 Gb using sharedrootfs to put shared folders on it.

    I put a config folder on it for the docker config files and working great. Pointing it to "/config". I wanted to now put downloads on it and nzbget is having issues finding the folder. I had a absolute path before when using the external ssd on a sata port. I think it is trying to find a path for the NVME shared folder and there is none. Just show "/downloads" in shared folder info. I imagine I may have issues with sonarr and radarr dockers when I set them up also. Using /dev/shm for Plex transcode so no issues there.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, ML

    After I had a week off I came back to 52 updates on my OMV 6 server that I updated last week before leaving. Now OMV will not run.

    Plugging the server into a monitor It will not complete the boot up and I get this screen.

    81 of 82 updates install and it gets stuck installing the "firmware-ath9k-htc" update. I lose my internet connection then. Try to update again and the same issue. I have a mobo without wireless internet.

    I restores the partition and have OMV running but I cannot delete this file from the install, and cannot get in with putty because debian doesn't install.

    Suggestion what to do but is there a way to delete this from my update list and not install it?

    Forum is great. Thanks for your help


    Could you then direct your Plex transcode to /dev/shm? Would be easier than trying to create a tmpfs/ramdrive and much faster too.

    Thanks rye.

    I'm going to restore disk image before nvidia. Nvidia was supposed to fix driver to work with 5.9 but hasn't yet. Do you know what nvidia driver works with proxmox? I know kernel 5.4 was available but getting rid of the nvidia drivers was not working. Lots of errors. Going to right to proxmox and try it.

    Thanks again.


    The debian 5.9 kernel is having problems with Nvidia drivers. ( i need to figure out how to go back to 5.8. any ideas?)

    Any idea how the proxmox kernels work with nvidia drivers. Mostly used for hardware transcoding.



    After lots of time trying to figure it out I got it to work on a new install. Kernel 59 only one available now. After going through much of the processes described got 460.32.03 to install from the run command. The installed the headers, blacklist nouveau, fix, and patch. Now nvidia-smi works. Haven't got to the docker installation yet. Wanted to get through this first. But portainer and Yacht are installed. Going to hold this kernel in OMV

    Good Luck

    Isn't working for me. Going to downgrade for now unless someone has a solution. Worked on thsi yesterday and templaets showed up but now gone in portainer.

    Tama. Thanks so much. Great guide. Needed to change kernel to 58 and had to use a different driver for my card (450.80.02) for a Geoforce 1050 ti. You don't say anything about backport/header installation. Did you do this before this driver install or does this do it automatically?

    Thanks. ML

    Here is output of wsdd service

    ● wsdd.service - Web Services Dynamic Discovery host daemon

    Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/wsdd.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)

    Active: active (running) since Sun 2020-05-10 16:56:58 CDT; 17h ago

    Main PID: 1238 (python3)

    Tasks: 1 (limit: 4915)

    Memory: 15.4M

    CPU: 412ms

    CGroup: /system.slice/wsdd.service

    └─1238 python3 /usr/sbin/ --shortlog --workgroup=Lewis Family

    May 10 16:56:58 LewisServer systemd[1]: Started Web Services Dynamic Discovery host daemon.

    May 10 16:56:59 LewisServer[1238]: WARNING: no interface given, using all interfaces

    Thanks for any help. Having same issue.

    Dockers all working fine. Can see all the folders, just can't get into web gui with desktop, but can with Surface laptop. Tried Crome and Firefox, reset network, and still can't get into gui. The only thing that might have changed is I accidentally shut the server down by hitting its power button ( does a safe shutdown, not power off) When stated up couldn't get into gui.

    Tried omv-firstaid, didn't work, but didn't try using surface first. Don't know why this is only happening on wired in desktop.

    Thanks, ML

    Question. When installing dockers where do you point the AppData and config folders? The sharefolders or srv folder. if I point plex config file to srv it won't run.I started setting up to sharefolders per the videos. changing downloads, documents, media, etc to srv. Just don't know the best place for operating files.

    Thanks, ML