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    Updated to 0.5 Sardaukar, and authorization in web climbed error =)
    Cleaned the system script from Solo, and ok work ;)Everything worked as it is necessary - and minidlna working with the transmission (but not displayed in the web INTERFACE).
    And the devil possessed me I do not need to remove forkeddaapd via Web INTERFACE - and then it is silently removed and minidlna and transmission. = (

    Set your repository in a ssh (via the Web INTERFACE he did not want to be installed) - but only appeared in plugins omvextrasorg , processlist and supportinfo.
    Swearing swearing ... picked through ssh as there was seen a list of applications including minidlna and transmission. eventually aptitude blizzard made them-_-.
    And only then noticed:


    openmediavault-supportinfo - shows support information that moderators on this forum may ask you for (tab in System Information).
    openmediavault-minidlna - in progress
    openmediavault-autoshutdown - in progress

    Mark "in progress" in bold! :)