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    Please excuse any stupid questions...i'm trying...!

    OK OMV4 installed on a standalone machine, added a drive, with a shared folder called Media. Under Media is TV, New films etc.
    Installed docker & linuxserver/plex (I have a lifetime plex pass). Followed the guide on here to set it all up, user 'Dockerman' and PGID & PUID added to the Env variables. Added media (as in snip2) (did I do this right?) and started the container.

    When I hit the local ip (192.168.x.x:32400) i just get snip3....with no option to add servers.

    Have tried - adding Plex claim token (didnt work), using the web version (doesnt see the server), removing the plex container and readding (same result), waiting a few minutes (just got annoyed...)

    Any ideas? Have I made a newbie mistake?


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