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    Total crash, I ment not responding system, not able to ssh, no communication possible, no shares, no shairport, no gui, no response whatsoever and not rebooting on power off and on.
    (no black or white smoke though :-) and in the meanwhile rpi with omv up and running again)

    So the system was up from 11 till 23 of oktober,
    I have a syslog only of Okt 14
    I have a syslog.1only Okt 13 and 14
    I have a userlog only of Okt 13 and 14
    I have a userlog.1 only of may 31, okt 11 and 12
    I have a auth.log of okt 13 and 14
    I have a auth.log.1 of okt 12
    I have a deamon.log of okt 13 and 14
    I have a deamon.log.1 of okt 12 and 13
    faillog is empty
    kernlog of okt 14
    kernlog.1 may31, okt 11 and 12
    lastlog empty
    initsystemlog empty

    cannot find anyting after 15 of okt

    not very usefull is it?

    Cheers Dirk

    Thanks Adoby for your time,

    Used 1.7GB, free 6.17GB

    So if I understand correct; root fs is not full and so there's no need to investigate further on this disc, right?

    Installation has a pretty stable setup, no moving cables, over dimensioned solar power setup, (no chance of power failure on the hdd or the raspberry-pi)
    All the time the system was up, no inbetween boots.

    Have a program on a server, SecuritySpy, witch is making new maps for cameras each day as soon as there's an activation through the camera itself, so not all the cameras (for now just 4) trying to write a new map at the same time.

    Any suggestions to figure out what's happening?

    Will check out this autofs...

    Cheers, Dirk


    Haven't logged-in on web gui for a few days and now I cannot reach OMV on raspberry-pi 4, no SSH, no web GUI, both give a time-out.
    I can read and write the USB HDD share.
    Guess only option is hard reset, how do I best do it, unplug power to HDD first or just unplug rpi, or unplug usb first?
    Or is there an other option?

    Thanks Dirk

    This over Ethernet? If so, you should be getting much faster speeds.

    Yes over Ethernet, usb-3 2Gb external HDD attached with own power supply, formated ext4, boot and omv on SanDisk Ultra UHS-I (speed up to 100MB/s 667X)

    MergeFS and SnapRAID are usefull only if you have more drives right?
    I want to install as little as possible...
    NZBGet via Docker is essential for speed if I understand your article on reddit correct??
    How about Sonarr and Radarr, don't think I need this for performance?
    What do I need and what to try first?

    Thanks Dirk

    I have omv running on a raspberry pi 4 2Gb and get transfer rates of about 18MB/s on read and write, usb 3, samba and apple filing more or less the same...
    Think it's a bit low, am I doing something wrong or are my expectations to high?