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    Hi there. I have a question about the dd backup. I tried to read the documentation, but the link is dead.…iavault/mkconf/backup#L86

    As I understand:

    .blkid, .fdisk, packages = information files and not needed to restore backup.

    I have a grub AND a grubparts file. Are both needed for the restore? e.g. dd if=/mnt/xxxx.grubparts of=/dev/sdc bs=512 count=1

    I also have a backup-omv_bootxxxxx.dd.gz as well as the backup-omv-xxxxx.dd.gz. In your previous response you said to write the OS partition with this:

    gunzip -c /mnt/xxxx.gz | dd of=/dev/sdc1 bs=1M

    Must I also write that boot partition separately and if so, with something similar?


    These are all looking good...not sure what else I can do...

    Deleted the image, pulled it again and ran the container. Didn't work without root even though there are DBOX_UID and DBOX_GID ENV vars. Could anyone confirm they can run this image with a user other than root.

    Thanks for your reply. The shared folder "/appdata" owner was set as root. I've now set it to Luke. "/appdata/Dropbox/" owner was Luke, and groups for both are "users". I double checked permissions, and Luke and group users have read write execute.

    Does OMV need a restart to set permissions? I ran the image again, and it has perm issues. But setting the ENV variables of DBOX_UID and DBOX_GID and group to 0 works.

    So I must be doing something wrong...


    I am trying to get the docker image from janeczku working. If I put the DBOX_UID and DBOX_GID as 0 and 0, and map the container's dropbox folder to a folder in the host's root filesystem, then the docker image works wonderfully. But I've heard this is bad practice.

    So I have a user 'Luke' with the uid and gid of 1002 and 100. I have an appdata shared folder and in that, a Dropbox folder. The user Luke has read/write/execute access to this dropbox folder and a .dropbox folder. When I plug these into the env and volume mappings sections and run, it doesn't work. There are permission issues (can't write log file, can't open etc).

    Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?