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    I've read a LOT and zeroed in on a NanoPi M4 (but discovered V2 before paying). So I have a bunch of parts; a couple of racks; a couple of 2Tb drives; some cables; old computers from which I should be able to pillage a PS; and I'm waiting for some copper shims for the heatsink—should be here in a couple of days. Maybe in another week I'll have something up and running.

    Thanks for the help getting me to this point!

    Thanks folks! I like the idea of "big honking" anything (well… drives, salary, y'know). I'm going to look into SnapRAID as well since I'm not brave enough to try anything else (or rich enough to go with tripple-redundancy.

    macom, looks like I'll be going with the M4 with SATA HAT. I found what looks like a better fit in the Helios4 but their KickStarter project sold out and it looks like they don't have manufacturing up to commercial levels.

    Some bad news, I think: looks like the punitive tariffs are going to bite me. The folks at Friendly Elec should be back from their national holiday in a couple of hours and maybe I'll get some good news.

    Thanks all! Hope to be able to post an update soon.

    Thanks for looking!

    I'd like to move away from the head- and heartaches my WDShareSpace 4t (about 40% free space after ~10 years) has given me and move my audiobooks (and some kiddie movies) to a NAS that I can share between a Win-7 and Win-10 computer.

    I'm leaning toward a SBC like the ODROIDs and drives like two of the refurbished WD Gold 2t's. However, two things are important to me: data security; cost. I would *love* to get away from RAID (I currently use level 5) but the alternatives seem to all rely on SSDs. (Maybe I won't live long enough for mine to fail but…. )

    Any advice on hardware, and how to configure a two- to four-HD system for RAID using an SBC would be greatly appreciated.