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    Are you running DHCP or a Static IP address for your OMV? I think that might be the problem based upon the error in the before image. It suggests to me that it's looking for the network to be up, the fact that you can restart after the system is fully up might suggest the same. TBH I never use DHCP on a server always static.

    That have solved the problem! Thanks both of you for your great support.

    Well that's not obvious from your post, had it been I would not have suggested it.
    To run your cron job, scheduled tasks, from the drop down select at reboot in the command box systemctl restart wsdd should solve the problem.

    I understand and i'm very thankfull for your help geaves, don't get me wrong.
    I've done the cron job and test it after and it doesn't run on boot (altought it runs ok when i click run in the OMV Gui).
    In order to test if it's ok i do a "systemctl stop wsdd" directly in the command lines in the server where it is running, and "systemctl status wsdd" after running (that's how i can see there's no problem with the cron job when i click in "Run".

    I've attached 3 pictures ( cron job settings, before running and after clicking in run ).
    I've also attached the screen of the wsdd status on the

    Do you have any idea why it doesn't run automatically on boot?

    Thanks once again for your great support,

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    Update on this:

    I found that wsdd doesn't start. If i start it from command line it becomes enabled, and the server started to appear in windows explorer.
    Also tried to make a cron script to start it on boot but it needs to be logged in, in order to work.

    An workaround is to enable the SMB 1.0 in Windows features (in the laptos that are meant to access). (At least it works after trying to update the OMV before cloning the disk).
    Also tried to have the SMB1.0 disabled upon restore the image in the server but it didn't show up in the laptops network tab, only changed after reenable the SMB1.0.

    Any ideia on how to enable wsdd everytime it boots?

    Thanks once again for your cooperation,

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    Hi all,

    I'm here with the hope to get some help to some headache that i'm facing for some days.

    My goals is to setup a server that will have OMV in it, with a 1TB HDD drive, particioned, in order to have in a small partition the OMV system and the remaining space will be used for storage.

    I've managed to set it up, and able to access it the content throught diferent laptops (all with Windows 10) on the Network sections in Windows explorer.

    The problem is when i try to capture the image from the 1TB HDD with clonezilla (including the partitions) upon restore the server, is no longer listed on the Windows PC connected in the Network tab.
    In order for it to work again i just went to "SMB/CIFS" settings under "Services" section in the OMV control panel disabelling it and reenabling it again and everything is working ok.
    Is there a way to avoid to have to reenable it after restauring the image?

    Thanks in advance for your time reading and possible trying to help me on this.

    Best Regards,

    Rui Dias