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    Hi cubemin !

    I am controlling Docker through Portainer. The rest of the things I simply don't use or configure it manually.

    How often do you reconfigure your RAID?

    How often do you change the permissions of your family members?

    And to be honest, why using samba at all? It is only to store all the trash somewhere. For everything important I use Nextcloud. That shares all data perfectly and I do not need any RAID and backups and such things, as all data exists on all permittet machines. So as long as I have my notebook with me, the server can be set on fire and I don't loose a single byte.

    However, may be I decide different... Let's see.

    A problem is, that the initial OMV release (I guess 3.x) has created aweful cryptic mounts and shares in completely unusual directories. After upgrading from 3.x over 4.x to 5.x something got lost. But I have to deal with these unusual mounts and links now. And the whole system is arranged around /dev/disk/id-by-name-seagate-volume1-user-drive/ that is linked over its UUID by /dev/disk/id-by-uuid/... or like that.

    That will take a while to clean up.

    Okay, I removed the omv and had a little thought.

    As OMV removed the docker management, samba was the only service that was left to be managed by OMV.

    So I am really thinking why I should re-install omv...

    Not finally decided, but the only benefit I remember is the automatic email about updates.

    However, thanks for the nice support, macom

    Thanbks for your help macom

    Actually, that did not work :)

    OMV is back up with the exact same configuration and the same problems. Would it be possible to copy over a blank config.xml or is it enough to rename the old one to something like "config.xml_backup"?

    I have to figure out of how to re-install OMV without destroying my docker configuration. I do not manage docker via OMV, so is there a way of re-installing OMV on a running system?

    like "apt install --reinstall omv" or such?


    I have an issue with my system. After a major update of my system, OMV is not showing any drives. I read a lot in the documentation and found several bugs in my config.xml. So I went the whole way and cleaned it up as much as possible. Result:

    omv-salt stage run prepare: No errors

    omv-salt stage run deploy: No errors

    But... If I click on the Drives (Laufwerke) tab, I only see a scroller, forever.


    As a result, If I try to show my file systems, I get another endless running scrolling circle:

    And as SAMBA relies on these, it has deleted my network shares and I have to manually copy a rough configuration over to the smb.conf that lasts until I safe any kind of updates OMV config.

    Can someone please help to find the issue Or can give me a hint of how to reset my configuration without loosing any data?


    Installed letsencrypt Docker image, that works great with handling the subdomains. It even manages to reverse proxy the OMV web interface with https.

    So that is the way I am going for a while and I stay with this solution.

    I also have an upgrade issue that bothers me a while.

    Unfortunately I forgot from which exact 4.x version I came, but going to 5.x rendered my volume / drive / smb share management non functional.

    Clicking on Drives or SMART or RAID or Filesystems results in a "Loading" circle running forever.

    If I then click another non drive related topic, I get "Invalid RPC response. Please check the syslog for more information." with Details like:

    Fehler #0: OMV\Rpc\Exception: Invalid RPC response. Please check the syslog for more information. in /usr/share/php/openmediavault/rpc/ Stack trace: #0 /usr/share/php/openmediavault/rpc/proxy/ OMV\Rpc\Rpc::call('RaidMgmt', 'getList', Array, Array, 3) #1 /var/www/openmediavault/rpc.php(45): OMV\Rpc\Proxy\Json->handle() #2 {main}

    As I cannot add new file systems to OMV, I cannot add new shares to my samba system. Adding one manually will remove it automatically if I safe the OMV configuration...

    Any idea how to get that analyzed and repaired?


    Thank you gderf, I missed that, my fault. I have no problem to change the links, mounts or directory locations myself. I just asked before I mess something up.

    But there is still the question, why my "Drives" and "Filesystem" panes are only showing "loading..." and never show anything. How can I track that down?


    Nach dem Update von 4 auf 5 werden bei der Übersicht der Laufwerke und der Volumes nur ein laufender Kringel angezeigt, aber keine Daten.

    Zudem werden die binds der verschiedenen Verzeichnisse in /sharedfolders/ nicht angelegt.

    Wie kann ich das debuggen und eventuell das Problem lösen?

    Danke schon mal!

    Okay, may be another question (sorry)

    I see that the docker container are now managed at a different place in OMV? But I cannot find any of my old configurations there. Do I need to port them manually?

    Okay, I inspected the /var/log/nginx/openmediavault_error.log and found that there was an issue that turns out to be a missing php-xml packet...

    What php version does OMV 5.5.x use? Cause it seems to have installed a mix of php7.3 and php7.4. I manually added php7.3-xml and now I do see the login page. However, when I log-in it just stays at the login page with the running circle "please wait..."


    I restarted the services and now I can login! Wohooo!

    Several services did not survive the upgrade though. I need my docker containers back up running... I try my very best

    However, thanks for the big support in here!

    Hi ryecoaaron,

    That doesn't fix anything, and the report is all green, ending with

    If you need the full log, I have to find out how to put that here, cause of the 10k char limit.

    I only have the final parts of the omv-extra re-installation, if I scroll back in the terminal buffer...

    So I thought, what works with php might work with omv-extras

    Now everything "looks" green, but as told before, OMV doesn't run, or at least doesn't provide its web interface to me

    I checked that, but apt install -f did not do anything.

    There where problems with omv extra packages and I uninstalled and reinstalled them. Seems to have failed again.

    I fxed a fault at systemctl status openmediavault-engined, as ph-mbstring was listed missing. Now that is up and running.

    Still no login. Here is the other output you requested:

    Thanks ryecoaaron !

    I was already typing, that I solved that problem with exactly what you proposed.

    However, now omv-salt doesn't show any errors anymore, but OMV is still not reachable via browser, nor are any from the old services . Any further suggestion?

    Okay, I found a procedure that proposed to uninstall php* and then re-install the version needed.

    That uninstalled a lot of OMV too, but after reinstalling it and running the last few commands from the upgrade-script again seems to have solved everything...

    besides that I cannot get it to start:

    omv-salt deploy run nginx returns 0 errors

    omv-salt deploy run phpfpm returns 0 errors


    omv-salt stage run all returns an error what looks like the issues, that I currently have not found out, why I can't install omv-extras