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    Can anyone take a look to see if everything is ok?

    I hope there is no sensitive information about my network. If so, please notify me.

    @macom @TechnoDadLife visiting the address I can't access the NextCloudPi Activation page as indicated in the video.

    this is my output for omv-salt deploy run fstab command:

    it's all OK? can i go on?

    If outgoing connections are allowed (internet connection) at the school then a vpn tunnel in between the omv server at school and a server at your house will do the trick. At home i assume you can do port forwarding, then all you need is a raspberry or other device that's always on.

    It seems too complicated. The user at home should only take care of accessing shared folders, without having to do port forwarding or configure a server. Is there a simpler solution to create a VPN tunnel?

    Did you really watch it that long? The message tells you what is wrong. apt is busy at that moment. There was no failure. OMV automatically downloads (not installs) updates and you tried to manually install the updates before it was done downloading them.

    In the gui there were three packages to update. The first on the list was the one in question. I simply tried to install it through the gui. So the presence of the package to be updated in the list does not mean that it has already been downloaded?

    P. S.
    I uploaded to pastebin because if I paste it into the message, the page becomes slow and I can't post the discussion.

    * Disable the '/sharedfolder/<xyz>' feature by default on new installations..

    But I remember starting from an omv 5.0.5 installation.
    However, for me this is not a problem. The important thing is to be aware that everything is working properly.
    Now I know for the shared folders I will have to refer to the new path /srv/dev-disk-by-label-dati

    But why dev-disk-by-label-dati?
    Where dati is the label of the filesystem where shared folders reside.
    I was expecting something shorter..