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    I have set up my OMV server and used UnionFS to join my disks together to look like one disk however when I copy files over to the shared folder it is only filling out a single disk. I have now run out of space on that disk and it is saying I cannot add anymore. I am not quite sure what I have missed here.

    Please see attached screenshots.


    I am new to Linux and looking for an answer to a question I cannot fin anywhere.

    I having recently received an old server from work which has come with a couple old drives. I have in total two 2TB HDD, four 1TB HDD for a total of 8TB. I would like to pool these disks into a single volume and it will only contain media. I have read some articles that say I can use OMV and UnionFS plugin to do this. I have also read about software like LVM to merge disks into one volume however they format the disks that are involved in the merge. Which worries me thinking about future proofing and upgrading disk down the road.

    My questions are:
    1. Will the process of pooling disks together format all disks involved?
    2. If disks are formatted when pooled, how do people work around upgrading disks without loosing data?
    3. Is is even recommended to do for a home media server?