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    i was in the same boat and tested nearly every open source photo app to replace PhotoStation. To my surprise all open source solution lack at some point regarding my requirements. So i've now installed a XPenelogy VM in OMV and use DSM 6.x with PhotoStation without using Synology Hardware

    XPENOLOGY ? I moved to OMV to keep my Karma clean !!! .....:):):)

    Hi there,

    I came from the same Synology background and, after looking around to replace Photo Station, I am now using PhotoShow in Docker (it does use the folder structure)

    OK understood and agreed.

    So I will have to test to see if my scripts (backups and docker compose) are working in that configuration (since I just gave up when I saw that the ls command was not doing what I expected.)

    Thanks for your feedback and link.

    I guess we can close this with a resolve status

    straight forward...? Yes I thought so too....

    Well, what I tried to do was to create a folder name (symlink) named /data1 to be equivalent to :


    edit : (just to be clearer) /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-7b08e125-678c-41a0-8792-fc805940897c/data1/ is a shared folder

    My expectation was that following the symbolic link creation a command like ls -lsR /data1 will give me the same output than ls -lsR /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-7b08e125-678c-41a0-8792-fc805940897c/data1/ /data1/

    so far, all my attempts failed ....the ls result was only one line with the link name.....but maybe that is expected ....:)

    Hello there,

    I have installed and tested OMV6 and so far all good for my use cases. :)

    Do you know if the Symlinks plugin does or will exist in OMV6 ? :/ (did not find it )

    Thanks for your feedback !

    With monitoring turned off = Same thing: going from 5% just after reboot to 10% in less than a week.

    I just wanted to draw the attention to this point.

    It is up to you to decide if it is a real issue or just normal behaviour (as previously replied)
    I will now move on and add more software to the config so for me this closed

    Thanks for OMV: it is a great platform !!!

    Hello there,

    I did Install OMV6 6.0-17 (Shaitan) on a separate hardware:

    By the way, very nice UI improvements ! :thumbup:

    No docker app running except Portainer.

    I have let the system running (idle) for a few days and I noticed that the used memory in the Dashboard move from 5% to 10% in 1 week. (I have 16 GiB)

    Let me know if there are logs or other that will/could help narrow down the issue (if any)

    Kind regards

    Just in case it help, this is my Portainer Stack definition:

    The config directory was empty to start with, and the docker container created his DB himself if I record correctly.

    Good luck to you