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    gderf - Your recommendation was the fix to the problem. I created the directory I needed on one of the other drives and it worked flawlessly. Thanks! Now I know how to set up my drives for future using this config - I'll also read up on the other options to see if any fit my setup better.

    Maybe a configuration problem but I have a UFS volume over a snapraid array where a file system on one of the drives in the volume is indicating "disk full" when I try to copy a file to a directory but there should be space in the UFS volume. When I do a df on the UFS volume the size looks fine - have 8TB free - but when I check the actual disk that contains the directory I'm copying to it's at the limit I configured for UFS to not write to the drive 4G so nothing can be written to it.

    When I check the UFS configuration in OMV the create policy is set to existing path, most free space. The other disks in the array all have space available - hundreds of gig. I'm at a loss what else to check and what to do to fix the problem so I can use the available space.

    Basically I need to find out where to look to configure UFS to allow the spreading of files across all the volumes of the array.

    Here's my UFS config at a high level:

    UFS_Filesystem :


    /dev/sdb1 ---> full disk less 4GB configured as limit