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    I realized 5.0.5 was still beta which I am not interested in. I re-installed the latest version on OMV 4 with docker and got it working. Now I have transcoding issues on my XBOX One, but not my Sony TV. I will be troubleshooting that next.



    Brand new user to OMV and Docker.
    I have setup OMV 5.0.5 with the help youtube videos from Techno Dad Life.
    I have setup Docker along with Portainer.
    I have imported the PLEX container from linuxserver/plex
    When I run PLEX I went to http://ip:32400/web. I sign-in with my PLEX account and am presented with the error message "No soup for you!
    The server you're trying to access doesn't want to let you in. Make sure you're signed in as a user with access to this server."

    Sounds like a permission issue, but not sure where to start.

    Any ideas?