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    This does not tell me how you want to access the files, only that you do.

    Whatever way possible? I guess I'm confused by the question. Currently if I open THIS PC > NETWORK > OMVnas I can see all of my shared folders/files. I want to be able to do something similar to that. I only followed the guide that I linked above because it came up when I googled "how to remote access OMV". If there is another way that is easy and doesn't require OpenVPN then that's fine too.

    Right now I can only see my server if I'm on the same network in my house. I want to be able to connect to my server from a friend's house or wherever I am away from home.

    I got "dig command not found"
    the website tells me the public IP of my laptop, which I already know (that's what I put into the settings up above from the picture). Is that the same as my server? Is that what he was asking about for my IPv4 address?

    My server IS accessible from outside of my network through Plex at least. I got that to work at my girlfriend's house on her Roku. I just need a way to directly access my files when I'm not at home.

    Little but important question: Do you have a full public IPV4 address? Or a DSLite connection?

    Is this picture what you're after? This is on my laptop. Is there a way to find it on the server?

    Otherwise (found from a google search) When I type "host" I get the following:

    Using domain server:
    Address: 20*.**.***.***#53 (* are actual numbers)
    Aliases: (this is empty) has address 216.***.***.*** (numbers here again)
    Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
    Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

    Is this the proper way to check for your question?


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    This is what shows when I open my OpenVPN GUI icon, right click the emblem at the bottom right (next to the clock), and click View Log

    1) Exactly what do you mean by "access my server over the Internet"? Be very specific.
    2) You don't need VPN to access your Plex over the internet.

    I want to be able to access my server if I'm not on my home network. (I'm at a friend's house but I want to see my server's files)

    As far as Plex, I figured out that when I thought I created the forwarded port on my Router page, I must have forgotten to click Save. I went back to check that again and it wasn't there. I just added it and re-tested and it shows that I'm available remotely

    Please make a screenshot of the config page from your openvpn installation.

    As your error message is "TLS key negotiation failed to occur within 60 seconds" something is wrong with the connection and/or ssl encryption. Please provide a full log file output

    Not exactly sure what you're referring to. I found this when I click System Information on the left

    If you mean the settings used when I click OpenVPN from the left tab, I have that picture in Post #9. However I changed my Mask to and I changed my DNS Server to per your recommendation than made a new certificate but that didn't work when I was at my girlfriend's house

    Still no luck. Is there a better guide to follow than the one I linked above in post #6? Or a better method? My goals are to 1) be able to access my server over the Internet and 2) access my Plex library over the internet.

    You do not want to use a /sharedfolders/xxxxx path in any Docker Volume or Bind Mounts. Use the actual filesystem path instead. Using a UnionFS path for this purpose is also not a good idea.

    When you say you want the folder in the filesystem path, are you referring to the drive that OMV is installed? Right now I think my AppData folder is a shared folder on one of my 5TB drives.

    edit: also does AppleTV4k now play TrueHD audio? I was recently able to open some movie files that gave me problems in the past. When I go into my Plex WebGUI I see the movie in Now Playing. When clicking the movie I see
    VIDEO = 4K (HEVC Main 10 HDR)
    AUDIO = English (TRUEHD 7.1)
    So does this mean it's playing the file untouched? No transcode? If so, that's great news!

    I am on a Windows laptop trying to use OpenVPN.

    I know that a VPN makes your public IP address appear like it's from somewhere else. I have Windscribe free account that I use on occasion. The only reason I have OpenVPN added to my OMV server is because the guide I found said that's what I need to access my files if I'm not on the same network as the server. If I'm doing this wrong, maybe you have a different step-by-step guide that I could follow for success? Unless I'm only a step or two away from getting it is my router's IP. I use FreshTomato for my router firmware.

    After changing the info in the OpenVPN tab, pressing save, then pressing apply...that doesn't restart the service correctly? I have to input your systemctl restart openvpn.service command somewhere and then make a new certificate? Where do I put that command? Into Putty?

    So what am I messing up? I saved my certificate and added those files to the config folder. Should my DNS server (under DHCP settings) be something different like
    (I changed the VPN network address)

    When I try and connect through the OpenVPN gui I keep getting the error that I posted above. I'm not sure if that's because I'm currently on the same network or if that even matters

    edit: for Gateway Interface I don't have an eth0 option. What I have in that box is the only thing that appears when I click there.

    Yes that is the correct address. On the left menu you should see section headings <Your Login Name>, Plex Web, <Your Server Name> Status, Settings. Under settings you should see Remote Access.

    Sometimes when I log in, it says error signing in. Right now it's not letting me log in even after telling me I'm successful. Been doing that for about an hour now

    edit: Chrome worked but Firefox was giving me errors. Maybe it was a browser issue. I also get a lot more options when signed in through Chrome. Remote access shows up on the left side for me now. However it tells me my server is not accessible. (I do have a post in an OpenVPN topic on here trying to get that solved.)

    After you've installed the plugin, here a sample config:


    Thank you. I got OpenVPN added to my OMV. I then started following this guide. When I get to the last image where it wants me to log in, I get an error.
    Wed Feb 26 16:28:59 2020 TLS Error: TLS key negotiation failed to occur within 60 seconds (check your network connectivity)
    Wed Feb 26 16:28:59 2020 TLS Error: TLS handshake failed
    Wed Feb 26 16:28:59 2020 SIGUSR1[soft,tls-error] received, process restarting

    It looks like you changed some things that the guide didn't change.

    Where did you come up with your VPN Network Address? That defaulted to something like for me. Should that be my server IP?
    Is the DNS server the IP address of my server ( or the IP address of my router (
    The guide says to put your public IP in the Public Address bar but you have what looks like a made up website. Which should be here? If it is my public IP, is that what shows up when I log into my router page and look under WAN>IP address?

    Here is my port forward (to make sure that is correct)


    I think the issue is with DTS HD audio maybe. Is there something I have to install onto my NAS to force it to transcode just the audio file?

    Is logging into how I'm supposed to be able to change all of my settings? Because this seems very limited in what I can do to my server. For instance, I want to allow access from outside of my network. Guides tell me Settings > Server > Remote Access. I click on the Settings icon in the top right (wrench and screwdriver) but there is no Server option to click from there. So where is this option located?

    Where do you even find OpenVPN? I've been looking at guides on how to access my server if I'm not on the network and all of them say to install OpenVPN.

    "To begin, navigate to System>OMV Extras. In the search bar near the top, search for OpenVPN. Select OpenVPN and again near the top, select install."

    OMV-Extras doesn't have a search bar for me (OMV5). Plugins does but OpenVPN is not an option. Is there an up-to-date guide that will let me access my server from outside of my network?

    Carefully look around in /etc/openmediavault/config.xml in the <fstab> <mntent> section and see what mount options are specified there.

    If you see in <opts> noexec, then change it to exec, save the file, then run omv-salt deploy run fstab again.

    Be careful when editing config.xml. I suggest making a backup copy first.

    Do you have other disks mounted other than the one installed with your Plex folders? Every mounted disk has a noexec tag. You may have removed it from some other disk. Good luck.

    Alright I went back into the /etc/openmediavault/config.xml file and notice that only one of the discs had the noexec line removed. Is it better to just remove that line or to change it to EXEC? Following the video, TechnoDad simply deletes that part. I went ahead and just deleted NOEXEC from the lines, but if you recommend it then I'll come back in and type in EXEC in its place if that's better

    Thank you

    edit: after running omv-salt deploy run fstab and then exiting I tried to do a reboot from the web interface and I got an error again and it doesn't reboot. It will just pop up with "An error has occurred" and gives me an option to press OK. This then gets rid of that window for a little bit and shows the reboot window but the error just comes back after a little bit. I have been updating my system as new updates come out. It now shows that I'm running 5.2.7-1 (not sure if this matters for my issue)

    edit 2: while typing my edit I kept clicking OK in the error box. This eventually led to me getting a flashing error at the top of the screen saying I don't have permission and to click the left mouse button. I clicked it and it prompted me to log in again. So maybe it rebooted like it was supposed to but that is a very confusing way to show it.

    edit 3: Most things seem to be working now. Some of the files still give me "Conversion failed. A required codec could not be found or failed to install." I have to see what the pattern is for those files

    I followed the video again. My nano file still showed that noexec was removed so hitting CTRL-X to save it didn't prompt anything this time. It just went back to the original screen. Running the omv-salt deploy run fstab command caused a lot of blue and green text to appear in Putty.
    ID: mount_filesystem_mountpoint_numbersnumbersnumbers
    Function: mount.mounted
    Name: /srv/dev-disk-by-label-WD5tb1
    Result: True
    Comment: Target was already mounted
    Started: 07:43:30.871041
    Duration: 1335.237 ms

    Forced remount because options (acl) changed

    Under that it showed

    Summary for debian
    Succeeded: 13 (changed=6)
    Failed: 0
    Total states run: 13
    Total run time: 2.021 s
    root@OMVnas:~# ID: mount_filesystem_mountpoint_[i]numbersnumbersnumbers[/i]
    -bash: ID:: command not found
    root@OMVnas:~# Function: mount.mounted
    -bash: Function:: command not found
    root@OMVnas:~# Name: /srv/dev-disk-by-label-WD5tb1
    -bash: Name:: command not found
    root@OMVnas:~# Result: True
    -bash: Result:: command not found
    root@OMVnas:~# Comment: Target was already mounted
    -bash: Comment:: command not found
    root@OMVnas:~# Started: 07:43:30.871041
    -bash: Started:: command not found
    root@OMVnas:~# Duration: 1335.237 ms
    -bash: Duration:: command not found
    root@OMVnas:~# Changes:
    -bash: Changes:: command not found
    root@OMVnas:~# ----------
    -bash: ----------: command not found
    root@OMVnas:~# umount:
    -bash: umount:: command not found
    root@OMVnas:~# Forced remount because options (acl) changed
    -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('

    When I went to reboot my server from the web interface it kept giving me an error and wouldn't reboot. I had to press the power button so it would go through its shutdown process. Then when turning it back on and checking Putty again using the proc/mount command, it still shows noexece is there. So what went wrong this time?

    Hmmm. I can't even do the first step. I don't have Shellinabox anywhere

    edit: I realized that screen is the same as Putty. I did the first few steps but when I get to omv-mkconf fstab I get an error that says "-bash: omv-mkconf: command not found". So it didn't work because when I reboot the system and log back in to do the last part of the video, my discs still show NOEXEC

    I may have gotten it now. It is loading my TV shows right now so I don't know if it will work on my Apple TV yet.

    Just in case anything is wrong I want to clear up some confusion:
    You have
    - /path/to/tvseries:/tv #adjust according your setup
    I have two different hard drives with TV shows on them (live action and cartoons). I had the full path correct and then included the ":/tv" but that seemed to mess it up in the actual container. I edited the container in Portainer which seems to have fixed it. Should I have labeled them ":/TV Live" and ":/TV Cartoon" from the start?
    Same thing for - /path/to/movies:/movies #adjust according your setup; add more volumes if needed (I have two movie hard drives)

    - /path/for/transcoding:/transcode #adjust according your setup, drive must be mounted exec. What does "drive must be mounted exec." mean? I created a path for transcodes AppData > Plex > Transcodes and used that for this line. Is that correct? And this will only be used if my device that is actually trying to stream the file doesn't have the capability? For example, my AppleTV 4k shouldn't have to have anything transcoded ahead of time (like x265 4k video) because it can handle it on its own?

    edit: I can see all of my files but they won't play on my Apple TV 4k. For all of them I get "Conversion failed. The transcoder exited due to an error." Even h264 encodes. Also, clicking Library in any of my categories just gives me a spinning wheel and never loads a list of my stuff

    edit 2: According to Techno Dad's video, Plex only supports mp4 using h264 video and aac audio. Is this true? I went through my movies and I have one movie that is like that which actually works on my Apple TV. So how do I get the rest of my stuff to work?