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    Hi guys.

    I decided to move from XFS to BTRFS on dedicated encrypted drive.
    I've wiped drive out, initialized LUKS, unlocked - and created BTRFS on it.
    I could not mount newly created FS - the process throws error.

    I inserted HDD into Ubuntu PC and could unlock it and see btrfs drive (it was created successfully).

    See attachements please.

    Hi guys.

    Since noone can help a noob but another noob, I do :)

    OMV 4.1.22, slightly wrong sequence:

    1. Install LUKS plugin. If you don't have one in the list of plugins, first install omvextras plugin (manual upload of .deb file and activate the plugin), refresh plugin list and you'll get it expanded.
    2. Go to Disks -> wipe disk (yes, physical device must be pristine - otherwise you won't get it in the list of encryptable devices).
    3. Go to Encryption, select (that wiped disk) and assign passphrase or key file.
    4. Go to File Systems and create one on the same device.
    5. Return back to Encryption -> where to my encrypted disk gone??? I want it back, but no devices are available?

    Of course, creating FS on the same device wipes out everything, including encryption headers.
    Right sequence includes unlocking of newly encrypted device (ryecoaaron mentioned this several times across the thread; this might be looking not so obvious); and then LUKS creates another decrypted device. File system has to be created on that device, not original one (OMV offers correct device reference in the list of available devices for FS creation).

    Right sequence (from step 4)
    4. Unlock just encrypted device (select line in the table and click Unlock button in the header -> reenter passphrase or upload the key). Decrypted device should be populated in Decrypted Device column.
    5. Go to File Systems and create one on the decrypted device. OMV shows correct devices for unlocked ones.
    6. Just out of curiosity - return back to Encryption -> check that all encrypted devices are intact :)

    In my case I have /dev/sdb (this device is encrypted) as disk itself and /dev/mapper/sdb-crypt as decrypted (which actually contains file system).

    Sorry for long input, I made at least three laps until started understanding that monkeyish repetition of wrong sequence does not enhance the outcome. For some reason I was thinking that newly encrypted device is already unlocked (since I did not lock it).