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    Thanks for your effort ryecoaaron

    I can see you're "almost done" with the SnapRAID plugin. Could be a great opportunity to integrate the updated script I make, you may recall our conversation on Github. Let me know if you're willing to do so. Please note this script has additional features over the current one so new UI elements are required, but they're just simple strings.

    Yes, there's a USB backup plugin which I use for my own data.

    If you want to backup a disk that has docker or system data, you'll probably need a more complex solution.

    I use Borgbackup and borgmatic (which helps configuring borgbackup):

    - borgmatic allows to run commands before backups. I use it to pause all my docker containers before the backup. Especially for databases, you'll want things stopped/paused otherwise your backup may not work

    - borgbackup backs docker data up to my other drives

    - once done my containers are restored.

    Borgbackup supports: versioning, deduplication, history, encryption. It's super fast and efficient.

    I can share more details if you're interested.

    Thanks, i swapped sata and power cable with no luck; i placed the disk on a sata usb box and it is definitively dead... It makes strange noises and gives all kinds of errors.

    Now the problem is OMV continue to see it mounted and i don't know how to remove it: maybe is "referenced" somewhere.
    I tried to comment the entry in fstab but it doesn't works.

    Did you enable shared folders or SMB on the drive? Once you delete everything, you will be able to remove the partition in OMV. Just need to find it is used!

    I may be late to the party but just wanted to tell my story.

    I had a similar issue a year ago: somebody logged in my Transmission (torrent) instance and deleted everything*, tried to download a torrent (likely a malware), but ultimately abandoned the task.

    It was my fault: I had authentication enabled on Nginx but not in Transmission, and I'm sure I made a mistake in nginx config. So I disabled nginx auth and enabled it in Transmission using a strong generated password.

    What saved me? Transmission runs in a Docker container, which can only read the torrent download folder. So I just lost a couple of silly downloads and the malware/torrent they tried to download could not go anywhere.

    Also Transmission logs where stored somewhere else so it was easy to find out what happened.

    everything* = only my downloads (hehehe)

    Ok, if the plugin is still able to read the UPS status and shutdown after a power loss, I'm not pulling anymore the emergency break :)

    I mean it's nice to have graphs but the basic functionality is fine!

    Hi everyone,

    Last year I posted a SnapRAID script here, which has been downloaded more than I expected (181 times!!!).

    I worked to improve it with bug fixes and new features.

    The latest version is available on GitHub and you can find it here. I hope it helps!

    Causa mancato download di tre ultimi file/componenti durante l'installazione (finale dei mirror) ho problemi negli aggiornamenti e nei plugins.

    Pare sia il file /etc/apt/sources.list che ho provato ad editare scopiazzando e leggendo alcuni post, senza successo.

    Erano arrivati messaggi circa la mancata installazione repository apt -get etc etc

    Comunque l'installazione (con internet presente) è andata a buon fine.

    Il tuo sources.list è così? Questo è il mio funzionante:

    Considera che ci potrebbero essere liste aggiuntive in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/

    Ok, thanks for the hint!

    But somehow I get along better with a "to do list" that I can go through step by step and tick off ;)

    I recommend getting general knowledge about Docker, like: its basics, Docker Compose, Portainer.

    You need to understand how docker works with volumes, networks, permissions and so on.

    From there is just a matter to build the right container based on your needs.

    I guessed your module could be controlled in such way, but hd-idle does not provide scripting functionality.

    Ask the current manatainer here.

    1. when checking the remote repo using "borg info 'ssh://user@remoteserver:port/backup/repo' I get the following message back "No key file for repository...found in.../backup/repo" is this an issue? I use the OMV webgui admin to perform the backup with the borgbackup plugin, and searched my system but cannot find a key file for the repo?

    Have you created the folder on the receiving server and initiated it from the plugin?
    When properly initiated the message will go away and the repo will be ready to accept backups.

    2. I use ztsd compression and noticed that the actual repo size on the remote server is smaller than the output from borg.

    Correct. ZTSD is very good and if you have data that can be compressed, it will be.
    You should periodically check your backups using the the check feature, it will ensure that data is backed up and safe.