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    Hi All,

    I also want to be able to mount a WebDAV mount. According to me creating a docker only to mount a drive is too much overkill.

    I adapted the remotemount plugin to be able to mount a WebDAV drive. This wasn't that easy as WebDAV has not a simple mount protocol. But in the end I succeeded.

    I also added a mount and unmount button for remote mounts. Unmount is only available when there is no share for that mount. Edit and delete are only available when a drive is not mounted.

    Automounting WebDAV after added a drive has some issues (has to do with the return code of the mount command that salt handles as error), so you need to mount this drive by hand after applying changes or reboot the system.

    I requested a pull request, so hopefully the new version (5.0.2) is available soon.

    For people who can't wait, you can find the deb file here:
    You need to install it by hand in a terminal, as omv doesn't see this version from the server.
    sudo dpkg -i openmediavault-remotemount_5.0.2_all.deb



    I'm rather new to OMV and I want to create a NAS on a RPI4. Therefore I installed OMV 5 (5.1.3-1). I installed the OpenVPN plugin, becuae I like to access my data safely from anywhere in the world. However, when configuring OpenVPN I get an error. hopefully someone can help me solving this issue. After applying settings, I get the following error:

    Thanks in advance for your help.