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    So I have an old folder within a subfolder on a share. Via windows 10 and OSX, I can create/delete new folders. But It will not delete this older folder and the SMB diagnostic says that the folder is locked

    6362 1001 DENY_NONE 0x100081 RDONLY NONE /srv/dev-disk-by-label-b0n3zNAS/Bdocs/Devices

    I need to figure out how to clean this share up and get rid of older items that are not needed. I have googled but can only find out how to delete a whole share on the GUI and I dont want to do that.

    I ended up deleting my portainer setup and did it with the latest, when into plex and resetup all my folders and its working fine now. Sorry for the lack of info.

    So I have plex installed via portainer and after a kernel update to OMV5 on rpi4 my ip address changed on my pi, I have access to the webui and everything else but plex is no longer reading my server. Would it be better to install via dpkg or delete my plex install on portainer and reinstall?

    finally got

    Nope. This is something specific to your system. You are going to have to plug a keyboard and monitor in to see what it is doing. Maybe the IP address changed or it had a grub error?

    So I finally got around to plugging it into a tv and my Ip address did change which explains a lot. But why would the plex server quit working and everything still works. kinda stumped on that one.

    Just installed all the new updates from the update manager and got error, when I refreshed the page it wouldnt load. I did a shutdown and rebooted and still have no access to the webui login. I can see my shares on my windows box and access everything, just no webui. Anybody having this problem? Got a fix for it?

    also seems like plex cant access the share folders but if i go in and play them via vlc they are reachable.

    Trying to delete a shared Folder that I made when I first setup OMV and now I dont need it. I installed Reset Permissions plugin and reset it and nothing. It is still referenced and in use at config/system/resetperms and config/system/shares/sharedfolder. Does anybody know how I can get this deleted to clean up my setup before i do a backup?

    I OMV5 on RPI4 and smb shares are all setup and works with windows great. Everytime my Macbookpro disconnects from the network, it looses everything. Ill go back to network on the mbp and see my smb share and it will connect but I cannot access any folders. I have to end up going into my keychain app and deleting any creds stored for OMV and resetart the mbp. Anybody got any ideas as to why OSX is not liking OMV5 SMB?

    Im using a 10TB hdd and with the video footage I have, I have no room for corrupt hdd or files as this will need to be readily available for the state police if need be. By law I have to have 90 day backup of all cameras at all times. Errors are not in the game plan.

    I have setup the RPI4 with OMV5 and have been using OMV for a little over a year now. I am setting a PI4 up for a guy that needs to keep a backup of camera systems and they do no allow FTP backup so I have to plug an external HDD into these devices to backup. When I am done with the backup I need to plug it back into the PI to be able to view any video footage that is on that drive. How does it work if I unmount the drive, backup all the video and then plug it back in, mount the drive and create a share for it? I will have to do this once a month until he gets new devices for security footage. Any help would be greatly appreciated.