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    If u want deduplication and or compression 16GB is probably needed for 12TB or maybe even more - dedup is a monster RAM eater from what I have read.

    Compression is more dependent on CPU than RAM. Benchmarks has even proofed than enabling lz4 compression even improves write speed - compression can help reduced the need amount of data to be written.

    Could you point out the issue here?

    Two problems:
    1) Details of pool should be the merge of zpool status {pool} and zfs get all {pool} and not as it is now a merge of zpool status {pool}, zpool get all {pool}, zfs get all {pool}.
    2) The size in the backend seems to be calculated by using the total size of the disks where they in a diskset (RAID0) presumably because calculating size of pool is using the output from zpool get all {pool}. Size should be calculated using the output of zfs get all {pool}.

    Another bug:
    1) Create a RaidZ1 pool
    2) Press details for the newly created pool


    But actually getting:

    Seems there is a caching issue?

    Michael, you are most likely correct in that there is a missing include... The OMV.WorkspaceManager is probably not included properly in overview.js. I'll have a look at it later today.

    It most certainly is. When running in a javascript debugger no object of OMV.WorkspaceManager exists at the time when OMV.WorkspaceManager.registerPanel is called in zfs/Overview.js.

    Just tried. Didn't help. Same errors from Chrome Debug.

    Hi Niclas,

    Looks like a missing include in overview.js.
    id: "overview",
    path: "/storage/zfs",
    text: _("Overview"),
    position: 10,
    className: ""
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'registerPanel' of undefined: overview.js:555

    id : "zfs",
    path : "/storage",
    text : _("ZFS"),
    icon16 : "images/zfs_main.png",
    iconSvg : "images/zfs_main.svg"
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'registerNode' of undefined: zfs.js: 1

    Just did a clean install from OMV 1.9 ISO. Downloaded and installed omv-extra 1.10. Enabled ZFS and ZFS testing repo. Installed ZFS-plugin. Every step successful but the ZFS menu does not show in GUI. I have removed all cache from browser, even installed a complete new browser, but the ZFS menu is not showing. How to debug?

    It could also be your power supply which has a defect. I have seen this a couple of times. In your case it sounds like the power supply does not supply the needed amp or volts through the 4 or 8 pin atx cpu wire.

    Quote from "davidh2k"

    Miras, the forum is not a knowledgebase. It's a place where users can ask for help. And if they specifically ask in german I won't hesitate to answer in german. If someone else then wants to have this information I'm happy to translate it to english.

    I do not expect if I support that I do this for a broad community, but a specific human beeing. Therefore my answer is for that particular person, and not allways suited for the whole community.

    I also don't think that anybody should be offended by my decision/behaviour in this type of discussion. I hope you aren't either.

    This is where your assumption fails. Every posting on the forum might be relevant and help more than 3000 individuals. Each posting is searchable by everyone and if people is able to search for an answer to their problem already questioning by some other user a lot of duplicated questions and answers can be avoided and people with similar problems does not have to wait for a correct answer since the answer is already available in the forum.

    If you insists on narrowing your answers to specific users then you might as well take the thread off-line to an email correspondence.

    Quote from "davidh2k"

    miras: Your thoughts are considered, but I rather help someone in his native language, than overwhelm him with gibberish he might not understand. Therefore, despite the fact many people won't understand it, I will continue to do it that way most of the time.

    If everybody had this attitude a "user" forum is pointless and a lot of knowledge and ideas are lost for most people. The goal of any user forum must be that knowledge should be shared in the broadest way possible for the benefit of all users. Since the language shared by most people are English and that English is the defacto IT language then using English as a common language upholds that goal. Also, excluding native English speakers, all users are debating on even terms.

    Maybe it is just me which is a grumpy old man but since this is an English speaking forum and users come from all over the world using different kinds of native language I find it rude and it offences me when people post in another language than English because that automatically exclude a lot of people from participating and/or learn from the thread. German speaking persons seems to outnumber other native languages in this respect.

    So please could we not agree to keep postings in English?

    PS. I have nothing against Germany, Germans, and German language. I read and write German almost fluently since I have worked and lived in Hanover.