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    Thank you @raulfg3, I added /var/run/docker.sock and now have a several more things showing up in netdata including the name of my docker images rather than the string of characters they were before, but still no temps or voltages.
    And, @tinh_x7 thank you for the clarification and suggestion, I need to play around some more and learn to do more of this from terminal to better understand what I'm doing, I'll probably add grafana to my list to play with. I have always been drawn to grafana but I previously used it at work for the only part of my job I didn't like so now I feel obligated to dislike it when I'm off the clock.

    I've been setting up my containers with the web gui on OMV and I've been able to stumble thru decently well but I think I'm hung up on something simple and I'm not sure how to formulate a search for it. Whats the "-v" doing in -v /sys:/host/sys:ro \ and it isn't in /proc:/host/proc:ro \

    I thought I had the concept of "mapping" the docker file structure to the files on my server but I now I think I may be missing something significant. That being said, normally i would "map" or "bind" a folder to one that I have already created or one that already exists. I blindly followed the instructions for installing Netdata and I didn't check to see what folders were already there and what wasn't. After reading this post i know /var/run/docker.sock doesn't already exist

    By the way, thanks a ton. This forum has been great and you guys are awesome.

    Edit: Forgot to mention, I did install lm-sensors from terminal of omv. If that makes a difference

    Is there a good way to give a docker instance of Netdata access to what it needs to poll CPU temp and maybe some other data that is in lm-sensors, and if so how would I get that to show up in netdata?

    I have re purposed an old PC as my OMV server and I'm looking for a way to monitor(and record)HDD, CPU, other system Temps and in the future possibly adjust fan speeds. I've installed Netdata and really like the interface and I think it has the plugins for CPU temp but it doesn't seem to have access on my system to what it needs for temps and fan speeds.

    I'm starting to get a grasp for docker but I'm barely fluent enough in Linux to copy files and remove programs. I primarily have this OMV server as a fun way to learn linux, I'm looking for something to learn and for a good way to keep an eye on the my hardware. I'm also open to other solutions for monitoring (and recording) system temps and adjusting fan speeds.

    If any one is curious, I'm attempting to make my system a bit quiter when it is idle or at low CPU usage, but mostly I'm a sucker for data and graphs. I've upgraded the CPU cooler and I'm happy with my HDD spin down (for now).

    Fixed, I think I knew what I should have been asking for but I didn't have the confidence to say. I found the config file for docker was still pointing to the shared drive where I moved it to before.
    Writing up what I did here hoping it helps someone else
    I uninstalled docker from OMV
    Ran dpkg -l and used apt-get purge [i]package[/i] to uninstall everything that said docker. If memory serves, It was docker-ce, docker-ce-cli, and openmediavault-docker-gui.
    used rm -r to delete the docker folder in etc that contained the config file.

    I have no idea how much of that is actually necessary but I know the part that was broken was the config file that is at etc/dockerdaemon.json
    I opened it up using nano and saw that it referenced the shared file so I just deleted the whole folder and reinstalled.

    Linux noob here, I moved the location of the docker base path, which immediately resulted in an onslaught of errors and killed my containers. I googled around a bit and poked at it some but nothing seemed to make a difference, all I've really done is remove docker and attempt to reinstall. I've done apt-get purge for everything that had docker in the name when I ran dpkg -l, then a reboot (because i'm a network engineer?) then apt-get update and tried again.
    I was hoping someone that is more versed with linux might have an idea of where to go. This is just a side project I'm doing for fun, so a couple of shares, plex, and some docker instances to play with like pihole are all that live on this machine. I'm not afraid of starting back from scratch if I need to, but I've been poking around this forum for a few days and its been a wealth of knowledge and thought I'd try to learn something new.

    I've pasted the results of apt-get install -f (after re-enabling the docker repository). As a side note, if i do start from scratch, what are suggestions for running version 4 vs 5 beta for a Linux amateur? My background is networking, so I really only know enough to have false confidence and break things. Any help or pointers are appreciated, but I'll also accept unique or clever insults.

    TLDR: Broke docker, did some things, no fix, uninstalled, get errors when I try to re install