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    I had my OMV server working for a few months before the coronoavirus pandemic. When the pandemic hit, I had to repurpose my OMV server machine to be my Windows 10 home desktop for work. Now I got a new computer for my at-home work, and I took the old OMV server desktop back into use. I re-attached the USB flash drive I use as the OMV OS, and I put the data HDDs back in. I boot it up, and I log in to OMV using the root, and I get in. However, I can't access it via the web GUI. I type the OMV servier IP address into my web browser, and it doesn't find it. I ping the IP address for the OMV server, and it never gets reached. My router internet IP address is My router LAN IP address is 192.yyy.0.1. My OMV server IP address is 192.yyy.0.14. I tried to run omv-firstaid on the OMV server, and it fails saying "segmentation error".

    When I boot up the OMV server machine, I get many "FAILED" messages as well. I don't know what these are because I am a newbie, ut they are

    "Failed to start A high performance web server and reverse ..."

    "Failed to start OpenBSD SEcure Shell server."

    "Failed to start Statistics collection and onitoring daemon."

    "Failed to start The OpenMediaVault engine daemon that processes ..."

    "Failed to start the PHP 7.3 FastCGI Process Manager."

    "Failed to start the Salt Minion."

    See attached image.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!!! If I need to re-install OMV, please tell me how to do that without losing all the data on the two HHDs that I had mirrored on the OMV server. Can I re-install OMV and then attach the HDDs and keep the data on them accessible to OMV without having to wipe the drives?

    I was directed to another thread, where it was suggested that I detach my data HDD's and then boot OMV. I did this, and it booted to where I could log in to OMV through the root directory. I logged in, and then (as suggested) typed the command update-grub.

    Update-grub command successfully re-assigned the drive letter of my OMV OS to the correct one. So, then I was able to re-attach my data HDD's and boot up, and it worked!

    Looks like I am having a similar issue. I get kicked into BusyBox when I have my data HDD's attached. I installed OMV to an 8 GB flashdrive. I If I have my data HDD's not attached, I get the same error "mdadm: No arrays found in config file or automatically"

    How do I get to a command line to run update-grub?

    When I install OMV to a flashdrive and do my first boot up after install, I consistently get the following error, please help! I am a newbie and have really struggled with this and am about ready to throw in the towel. Many hours wasted :/

    Error follow:
    [ 0.289872] acpi LNXCPU:00: invalid PBLK length [7]
    [ 0.289910] acpi LNXCPU:01: invalid PBLK length [7]
    [ 0.290052] ACPI BIOS Error (bug): \_SB.PC10.OSC: Excess arguments - ASL declared 5, ACPI requires 4 (201888180/msarguments-164)
    [ 0.290130] ACPI BIOS Error (bug): Failure creating [\_SB.PC10._OSC.CAPB], AE_ALREADY_EXISTS (20188810/dsfield-183)
    [ 0.290173] ACPI Error: Method parse/executionfailed \_SB.PC10._OSC, AE_ALREADY_EXISTS (20188810/psparse-516)
    mdadm: No arrays found in config file or automatically
    Gave up waiting for root file system device. Common problems
    - Boot args (cat /proc/cmdline)
    - Check rootdelay= (did the system wait long enough?)
    - Missing modules (cat /proc/modules; ls /dev)
    ALERT! /dev/sda1 does not exist. Dropping to a shell!

    BusyBox v1.30.1 (Debian 1:1.30.1-4) built-in shell (ash)
    Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.

    End error quote. Note, there are many lines that say "mdadm: No arrays found in config file or automatically" on my screen.

    Here's the background to this error.

    I am trying to install OMV and run it on a former Windows 10 desktop. I am not sure of the specs on the machine, but I think it is a 2.7 GHz quadcore with 2 GB ram.
    I flashed OMV 4.1.22 iso to a formatted 2 GB USB flashdrive, then I installed OMV to an 8 GB usb flashdrive. I installed OMV successfully to the 8 GB flashdrive, and then took out the install usb and rebooted. The above error occurred. I have tried booting up again without the HDD's connected, and I get the same error.

    I formatted all the flash drives, and I re-flashed OMV 4.1.22 iso to the flash drive, re-installed OMV, and I got the same error.

    I then formatted all the flash drives again, this time using SD Card Formatter 5.0.1 per the install guide, and tested with h2testw.exe with no errors. I then flashed on OMV 5.0.5 iso to the install usb flash drive, successfully installed OMV onto the 8 GB flash drive, took out the install flash drive, and re-booted. I got the same above error.

    I am dumbfounded. Can someone please help!!

    I had successfully installed OMV 4.1.22 in this manner three weeks ago. However, during that install, I only had one 1.3 TB drive HDD. I got it all up and running, and I was able to create a network with the single drive. However, I wanted RAID 1, so I bought a second 2 TB HDD and tried to set up RAID1 on the system. I formatted the 1.3 TB HDD and was able to set up RAID1 successfully. I couldn't create a file system on the RAID1 for the life of me, however, possibly because I had the old file system from the single drive. I tried lots of things to no avail. So, I formatted both the 1.3 TB and the 2 TB HDD's as well as the install and OS flashdrives, with the idea of doing a clean re-install of the system and RAID. However, I get the error described above and can't move forward. SO FRUSTRATED!!! PLEASE HELP!! I've spent like 80 hours on this and just want it to work :(