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    As i read more, and watch more youtube videos about MergerFS, it doesn't seem all that hard to learn.

    But of course i screwed myself by using the default UnionFS profile (Existing Path, Most Free Space) instead of using (Most Free Space).
    So now all my Movies are going to 1 HDD, and all my TV Shows are going to the other HDD.

    Did you read the description? They both obviously use mergerfs but mergerfsfolders pools folders while unionfilesystems pools drives. I created a new plugin for mergerfsfolders because I didn't like a lot of the legacy code involved with unionfilesystems. I would like to get rid of the unionfilesystems plugin but it is much easier for noobs. So, I didn't

    Sorry, i was running on 4 hours of sleep last night.
    Thanks for the reply.

    MergerFS = Pool of Folders
    UnionFS = Pool of HDD's

    And pleeeeease don't get rid of UnionFS. It works perfect for what i'm doing. And i am an extreme noob! So it works :)

    Every time i try to use the RemoteMount plugin, it throw errors and won't add the shared folder on my Windows 10 PC.

    Remote PC:
    Folder name: tv_new
    Permissions: Everyone = Full Control


    Ok seriously... I can't find anywhere a legit comparison of the two anywhere.

    Can someone give me a simple TL;DR on the differences and benefits of each?

    And also, what the heck does this mean? UnionFS plugin is just MergerFS?