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    hi guys,

    I'm joining this thread to not open a new one.

    I am trying to create an image of the system using the same guide.

    Does the Clonezilla work with LVM partitions? I only see the root volumes but not the /dev/dm-x directories.

    Anyone an idea?


    I put those under my Node 304 and they reduced the hdd vibration noise a lot!…_r_cp_apa_i_Nq8rEb790S6J1

    Otherwise i sport a semi passive cpu cooler and psu and they never ramp up...

    I can confirm that put anti vibration pads or feets under the case reduced the hdd vibration noise a lot. Now I'm happy and stay with my existing set up.
    Maybe in the future i will change to the Node 304. (was from beginning my favorite)

    Thanks to all for the great support :thumbup:

    In win ms04?

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    The MS04 is also a good alternative. But also for this one, in germany is difficult to find a seller...

    I've always found the biggest issue with noise, was the PSU. Even the cheapest case, as long as the PSU is of reasonable quality, they've been relatively quiet. Larger fans, moving slow/medium speed... less noise.

    I've no problems with the psu (is from bequiet) or with the fans.
    The only thing that disturbs me is that the VIbrations of the hdd's are transferred and it drones to much.

    I have already bought rubber shims for the HDDs and rubber feet for the case. I will report if it has become better.

    Hello everybody

    I am looking for a silent case for my NAS.
    It should have at least space for 4 x 3.5" hard disks and be no wider than 20-21cm.

    Currently I have a SilverStone SST-PS12B and I am not satisfied with the noise level.
    The hard drives are just too loud.(7200rpm IronWolf)

    My current favorite is the Corsair Carbide 100R Silent Edition.
    Do you know a better alternative?


    Okay i bought a Netgear GS308E and will test this tomorrow.

    I have done a test with my laptop connected via lan to the FritzBox and via iperf the result for a 1000M file are 600 MBits/sec. Upload via SMB is between 50-100 Mb/s.
    Can I exclude with the results there is something wrong with the NIC? like the drivers?

    I have already read that r8168 had problems with the driver of r8169. But not vice versa.

    I cannot understand why i get a so bad result via laptop wifi - i have a Killer 1550 Wifi Card with speed up to 1733 mbit/s! In the fritzbox gui I see also the speed is in the most time over 1000mbit/s...

    Hi guys

    I have the same issues that my transfer speed with smb are only between 10 mb/s and 20.

    Now I want to find the reason.

    I went trough the initial points from Adoby and here is the result:

    Slow router/switch. --> Fritzbox 7590
    No switch. --> No switch
    Slow USB interface.
    WiFi is used. --> Yes
    NTFS is used on the NAS. --> No, ext4
    Slow and feeble Windows client. --> Dell XPS 15 9570, I think no
    Bad cables. --> cable is a Cat 6e and tried with different cables
    Network extensions using power lines. --> no power lines in use
    Bad network configuration. --> what is a bad network configuration? Examples?
    Slow drives. --> Seagate Ironwolf
    Slow network interface. --> Killer 1550 with speed up to 1733 mbit/s ( in fritzbox I see the speed is in the most time over 1000mbit/s)
    Small NAS overloaded with multiple tasks/transfers. --> ASRock J5005-ITX CPU is in average at 20-40% and RAM (16 gb) is enough free, no multiple transfers in same time
    OMV5 on Debian, NAS is over 1 Gbit LAN directly at the fritzbox 7590.

    Do you have more ideas?

    My samba configurations in omv are as following:
    socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=65536 SO_SNDBUF=65536
    read raw = yes
    write raw = yes
    max xmit = 65535
    dead time = 15
    min receivefile size = 16384
    write cache size = 524288
    getwd cache = yes
    max connections = 65535
    max open files = 65535
    min protocol = smb3
    max protocol = smb3