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    "Is not easy to type manually or keep copying such a long path!" You can use * in "cd" command to identify directory or in "ls" to id or filter files.


    1. make share folder in Access Rights Management (example: Torrents_Download)

    2. make sure that you selected to show absolute Path in Access Rights Management

    3. make smb share to that folder with Public set to "guests allowed"

    4. In Portainer, click on qbittorrent container and select Duplicate/Edit

    5. go to Volumes and add additional volume "/Torrents_Download"

    6. hit bind

    7 Go back to OMV shared folders

    8 highlight Torrents_Download share and with right side mouse button select "Inspect Element"

    9 in "Inspect Element" click twice on "/srv/dev-disk.... /Torrent_Download" and RMB copy it

    10 go back to Portainer and paste this link to "host"

    11 Deploy container

    12 Done

    Hi,Thanks. Good points. My advancesetting.xml is working fine connecting Kodi installs to MariaDB. The problem, for me, is that I already went through configuring sources (SMB) in Kodi and rebuilding Databases in MariaDB. I have a LOT of customization's in Kodi that are translated into the database. Now, to go back to NFS shortcut/exports sources I will have to redo it again on one install. Once that is done then all other installs will take it. So, I guess it is one of those things; stay with SMB shares or spend few hours and convert back to NFS with different kernel that works, i.e 5.9 or portmox. What is, really, holding me is a question as to will the portmox kernel and other OMV5 will get updates.

    Thanks for your quick response. I also noticed that when I switched to proxmox everything worked fine. My issue is that I use MariaDB (mysql daemon) with 5 Kodi installations. I would need to rework both Video and Music databases going back to NFS as I had to do moving to SMB due to 5.10 kernel debacle. I guess it is time to bite the bullet. Thanks again.


    I updated OMV5 to running Debian 5.10.0-0.bpo3.rmd64 kernel. Now my kodi while using NFS shares does not stream correctly (looks like having distortions, jumps stream forward, hung up). If and when I change shares to SMB (OMV5 SMB/CIFS shares) everything works just great. Streaming from OMV5 through NFS shares also worked fine under Debian kernel (part of OMV5.0.5 installation CD). Any idea?.