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    Hey everybody.

    So I had to remove and replace some drives in my OMV machine. As a result, I had to start from scratch(luckily, I had no data stored on the drives yet :) ). I was able to unmount, remove the associated shares, and remove the file systems from the OMV GUI. However, I have one file system entry still showing missing(duh, I know its missing, a bit of dry humor) but when I attempt to delete it, like I had done with the other drives' file systems, I get a error kickback. A copy and paste of my error is below. Am I missing something, or do I need to go in on CLI and manually remove the entryFileSystem Delete Error.jpg?

    Hello everybody, so new to OMV, but not to IT and infrastructure. My question may sound very beginner, but I am wanting to use OMV and the SNMP function to trigger emails based on certain traps. My reason, I am wanting to build a Arduino with Ethernet to connect and monitor my home's sump pump/water mitigation system, and set OMV to do double duty and send emails with cetain traps.