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    hiho from good old germany ;)

    I'm currently trying to install OMV 2.x on an ASrock AM1B-MDH with AMD A5350.
    Installation went fine.
    After install I've used omv-update, which runs fine too.

    But in the web-gui no settings can be saved ...
    By activating NTP it causes this message:

    By setting the timeout for the web-sessions, it is this one:

    The solutions, i've found in the forum, didn't work for me ...

    I've tried the backports-kernel ... no changes ...
    I've deleted the dirtymoules-file with

    rm /var/lib/openmediavault/dirtymodules.json
    /etc/init.d/openmediavault-engined restart

    ... no changes ...
    an empty dirtymodules.json is created on next save ...

    Any idea, what causes this problem?
    It's the 1st machine, i get this errors.

    So you have no issues with AUFS now???

    to declare it a little bit more:

    by adding a new library the default options from emby are:


    "/media/aufs-pool-uuid" is missing ...

    looks like emby shows only drives with uuid from fstab

    by entering "/media" maually i see the aufs-pool-uuid and can choose it.
    and it works inside emby ...

    but network is not usable in my setup
    emby has no permissions to enter \\\storage\filme
    so I always need to add a path-substitution for every library

    but so far it works for me ... enough for testing emby, i think ;)

    Do this for me in command line:
    locate ffmpeg

    as u like, @tekkb ;)

    but for ur info: I do always an "updatedb" before running "locate" ;)

    And right now it is working after deinstalling dansguardian ;)
    I don't know how dansguardian breaks the emby-install ?! It should only be used by privoxy and not directly filtering network-traffic ...


    root@mynas:~# ls -la /var/lib/emby
    ls: Zugriff auf /var/lib/emby nicht möglich: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden

    I'm running aufs instead of mergerfs due to strange performance problems ...
    mergerfs was unbelieveable slow on OMV 2.2.1

    And for sure: I followed ur given link before posting the issue ;)

    actual setting:
    - I've pooled the three snapraid-data-hdd to the aufs-pool "snapraidpool"
    - I've created a shared folder named "storage" there and shared this one in samba as "storage"
    From a win-client i can browse \\mynas\storage or \\\storage
    I've created some folders underneath "storage" ... f.e. filme, serien, dokus ...

    Wasn't this correct?

    ooops ... sry ...
    u r using zfs ...
    this might be the difference ...
    I'm using snapraid and aufs ...
    In my case all drives except the aufs-pool are shown by emby ...

    but I also would prefer to set the network the network path here in order to get rid of the path substituion

    actual config:

    snapraidpool : /media/uuid/storage
    smb-share : /storage --> /media/uuid/storage (the snapraidpool)
    subfolders for movies, tv-shows, documentations etc.
    resulting network-path : \\\storage\movies

    local stats to storage

    root@mynas:/media# stat /media/f7cbd576-ea8b-48e8-a535-ac340ae7e6f5/storage/
    Datei: „/media/f7cbd576-ea8b-48e8-a535-ac340ae7e6f5/storage/“
    Größe: 4096 Blöcke: 8 EA Block: 4096 Verzeichnis
    Gerät: 841h/2113d Inode: 55836673 Verknüpfungen: 15
    Zugriff: (0777/drwxrwxrwx) Uid: ( 0/ root) Gid: ( 100/ users)
    Zugriff : 2016-04-10 20:34:29.387638860 +0200
    Modifiziert: 2016-04-02 00:46:20.518308133 +0200
    Geändert : 2016-04-02 00:46:20.518308133 +0200
    Geburt : -

    access problems for emby server process
    tried also :

    usermod -a -G users emby

    no changes ...



    Both (ip-address "\\" and hostname "\\mediatank" of my machine) are not found by the wizard in the webui.

    Same here ...
    Only way, I found: enter "/media" and choose local path of the pool (/media/uuid-of-pool/share)
    By using this way, you need to add a pathsubstituion also if u want to share the library to a kodi-client ...

    sry 4 that late response ... no time for testing whole weekend ;(

    but here are the results:

    and still empty:

    root@mynas:~# locate ffmpeg

    After some more tries i decided to uninstall all not needed services ...
    I've installed privoxy and dansguardian for some testing purposes few weeks ago.
    Privoxy wasn't running while emby-install-tests ... but dansguardian was still running ...
    After uninstalling both, i was wable to install emby ;)

    But now I've got the problem, that my aufs pool is not recognized as media path ...
    And Network didn't find my shares ...

    edit: by inserting "/media" as path the pool is visible ...

    Try purging and reinstalling...

    apt-get purge openmediavault-emby
    apt-get purge emby

    Then try reinstalling from the plugin section. Before you do do an "apt-get update" and make sure you don't have any errors.

    no changes ...
    everything runs fine on my OMV ... except emby ;(
    maybe it's due to the cpu ? It's a J1900 ... ASRock Q1900 ITX
    Is ffmpeg downloaded from the emby-ressources?
    Maybe a way to download it manually from there?

    Tried installing emby on another machine again.
    But in this case it won't work.

    Install ended with
    Still waiting for folders to be created.

    Don't know, which folders this should be :-(

    Activating emby won't work.
    Script tries to move /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg/*/ffmpeg
    ... which doesn't exists.

    Prereqs missing?

    Yes, it should work for you after adding the mono repo. Are you using non USA mirrors??? You installed the plugin in the web gui plugin section yes?

    curl is a very standard package. What do you get when you do this?

    apt-cache policy curl

    nice hint ... there was a faulty entry in sources-list which references a version from ubuntu trusty ...
    after commenting it out the install works.