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    Thanks for the replies, guys.

    I do have portainer, but I actually prefer the plugin's interface better.

    I will also try ouroboros

    Thanks again!!

    Yesterday it did it to other containers, too, so i don't believe it has to do with netdata.

    I will perhaps delete watchtower and set it up again just in case.

    Do you mind sharing the env vars you have in place for watchtower, just in case I have something setup wrong?

    Posting here mine from the details

    One thing i noticed yesterday, is that the problematic containers did have the settings inherited from the previous ones (shown by clicking the details button), however I could not start nor modify them. I had to delete them and set them up again.

    Hello guys!

    I hope you are all doing well under the circumstances...:)

    I need your insight....

    I have watchtower running in docker and monitoring my containers for updates. A few minutes ago watchtower found an update for netdata, downloaded it and removed the old image.

    time="2020-03-28T11:54:48+02:00" level=info msg="Found new netdata/netdata:latest image (sha256:651258a7de4d82ae0d88292ee3de13305e9b566d06bf05709b6208904462a105)"
    time="2020-03-28T11:54:56+02:00" level=info msg="Creating /openmediavault"
    time="2020-03-28T11:54:57+02:00" level=info msg="Removing image sha256:5e0a6603dde40474caea58dac0a13dff9db36f71f6f7d8e798fad54acd02580c"

    This container was on a stopped state.


    However I am not able to start it. The option is greyed out.

    Additionally, when I click to modify it I get a message that "It is not possible to modify a data container".

    If I delete the container and use the newly downloaded image to run a new container, netdata will work but I need to enter the port and all env variables again. For netdata it is not that of an issue, but for other containers that need a lot of stuff, it definitely is..

    What have I done wrong???

    Thanks a lot!

    Did you pay 150$ for it?Although looks well made, I think it's a bit expensive :D

    By the way, I'm in the process of assembling my new NAS with the Node 304. When the fans are set at minimum via the controller, I can't hear a thing. It's so silent that the first time I booted the system I thought I was missing some fans (Obviously withouth HDD at the moment).
    I'm in love with it.

    Indeed it is too expensive, but in my case It was a gift from a friend :thumbsup:
    It is indeed well made... not perfect, I might add, but well made, and tiny
    Mine also has a Delta electronics PSU, which is not cheap, something else to consider regarding the price

    I have a U-NAS NSC-400
    It has 4 x 3.5"/2.5" front bays and space for up to 2 Internal 2.5" disks
    It is 19cm wide, 18cm high and about 25 deep
    It is a good case and silent enough (on high CPU load the fans do ramp up and it is pretty audible but when in idle i cannot hear it unless I am about 10cm from it)
    Availability is a problem, though...

    Hello again!

    Yes I was entering mynasip:5858
    403 forbidden
    In essence, no matter what port I put in Host Port field when the exposed port needs to be 5800, and then tried to login via nasip:hostport I always got 403 forbidden

    EDIT: I have now reinstalled OMV. Fully updated the installation, set up again my shares and stuff.
    I will proceed with installing putty via docker and get back with the results
    EDIT2: After the clean installation it seems to work as intended...
    Thanks for all your time @raulfg3!

    The redirection seems to work when I enter the settings for the container.
    It is nginx that throws the 403 forbidden error.

    Perhaps when I was messing with many plugins something messed things up? Not really sure...
    I will double check if there is something else that tries to use port 5800, but the thing is that any container that uses port 5800, even when redirected to a totally different host port, always throws 403 error.
    I did install novnc as I mentioned in the first post but only after I was getting the 403 error..
    Thought it was supposed to be in /opt but from your screenshot I see that we have the same contents in /opt - thanks for taking the time to check!!
    Oh, well, I guess I could detach my data drives and reinstall omv.
    It will not be pleasant but not a very big deal
    I will post an update after i do it (perhaps later tonight if i find the time)

    Hello and thanks for the reply
    I have already done that and get the same outcome (e.g docker 5800 --> host 3800)
    Again I get 403 forbidden
    Would it be possible for you to check if at your installation you see a novnc folder inside /opt?
    And if yes if you see anything in there?

    Hello to all!
    Newbie user here but have been reading the forums for a long time actually
    I was wondering if someone can help
    I have omv 4.1.22 installed on a machine with a xeon d-1521, 32GB of RAM and 4x1.5 TB disks in Raid 5 for a total of just above 4TB of storage. OMV is installed on a 120GB SSD.
    The installation is up to date with the latest updates

    Everything is working brilliantly smb/ftp etc
    Have also installed a few dockers like netdata/deluge/pyload etc
    Yesterday I was trying to install filezilla docker and after entering the necessary config options I tried to access the filezilla via webgui (http://ip_of_omv:5800), but I got an error 403 forbidden
    The error log showed

    open() "/opt/novnc/index.html" failed (13: Permission denied), client:, server: , request: "GET / HTTP/1.1", host: ""

    I even tried to change the port to a different one and access filezilla webui on that port, but I get the same forbidden page
    Deleted the filezilla container and tried handbrake. The same result.
    Deleted handbrake and installed putty. The same.

    All of the above need ports 5800 and 5900.
    On all the above, if I use a VNC client I can connect to 5900 port just fine

    I then connected via putty to OMV and I saw that /opt/novnc/ does not exist at all.
    Not sure if it really needed /opt/novnc to run, but anyway went ahead and installed novnc. It was installed in /usr/share/novnc. Created a novnc symlink in /opt to point to /usr/share/novnc but nothing changed
    Inside /usr/share/novnc there was no index.html at all but there was a vnc.html. So i copied it to index.html to see if that could make any difference but still the same
    After all those attempts I uninstalled novnc again.

    At this point I am out of ideas.. Is there even supposed to be a novnc folder inside /opt ?
    Is the above error the actual reason I get the 403 forbidden page?

    Apologies for the somewhat long post but wanted to provide as many details as possible. If needed I can provide even more, just let me know
    I hope someone can help
    Thanks a lot :thumbsup: