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    Some more Diagnostics today:

    There are two network adapters on the MOBO. I tried the other one, with the same results, no network connection after reboot.

    After a reboot, running "systemctl status systemd-networkd" command results in the following output:

    After running omv-firstaid and setting a static ip address to, output is:

    Question is, why is it failing at startup but runs after using omv-firstaid?

    Any help is much appreciated!



    I've recently setup a new OMV5 installation to replace my OMV3 server that's been running now for several years. However, I am having trouble setting the IP address. I set a static address of using the GUI, but after a reboot, there is no network connection. I have to login to the console and use omv-firstaid to reset the network connection. The system will be fine then up until a reboot.

    I've checked /etc/sytemd/network folder for the adapter entry, it looks correct:

    results of ip addr after reboot:

    results of ip addr after omv-firstaid:

    As you can see, eno1 ip address is not set until after running omv-firsaid. Can anyone give me suggestions on what else to check?