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    Guys ...any indication what this error means? everything works ok but getting this error via email notification. the drive is the one where omv is installed and does have two partitions. thank you and be safe.

    hi ,if you look at the "shared folder" section you will see that the drive where the omv and the appdata folder is installed as the disk brand name and two set of numbers...,if you look at your physical ssd or hdd the label as the same is the model number of the disk and the other is the serial. , so you need to take note of those numbers so you can replace the current numbers on the containers volume links with the one of the new disk.

    when i done this probably i should have not redeployed the container,maybe like you said ...stop it ...change the numbers ...start containers.

    i will try later as at moment my server is super busy ....with the corona virus lock-down all the family are streaming from it from multiple me after 3 weeks in lock-down i don't really want upset them by stopping their watching pleasure ..... if you know what i mean :D:D or im going to be lynched .open king 120gb share folder.JPG

    Hi guys , i have divided the disk where OMV is installed in two partitions , one for the system install and the other for the app data.

    i pulled out the ssd and used Macrium Reflect to create a image of the disc. I then used the image created and restored it on a different ssd.

    Installed the newly created ssd and it boots ok without problem. The only problem is when it comes to the containers config folder ....because the new ssd as a different serial number the containers will not find the data config folder. So i corrected the old volume link by replacing the serial number with the new ssd number ...all good....but once deploying the container to save the change it will recreate a completely new config folder over writing the original one and obviously loosing all the original data.

    is there a way to stop doing this ?


    Perform these steps.

    is the hostname the ip address of the server? because if it is it still not working. thanx

    ok ...i have downloaded the windows version of Deluge trying to connect to the server Deluge by unclicking CLASSIC MODE and using the connection manager by inserting the server ip address ..password..., but what is the username ? am i doing correctly ?thanx

    I use qbittorrent but it's the same

    you just have to choose where you want your folders:

    1) The incomplete folder is a subfolder of /downloads -> /downloads/incomplete

    2) it's outstile of /downloads -> you have to add it to the container like you did for /downloads

    Hi ,yes that's what I have done but no luck keeps seeding. I want to use qbittorrent but I'm not able to install a VPN to work with it. Would u share your setup please? Thanks

    hi can you post a screenshot of your volumes in portainer and one of the deluge download windows please.

    i have created a volume /incomplete and added /incomplete to the deluge download window, it will download to the INCOMPLETE folder but will not move ....i guess it need to stop seeding first?? what setting to use to stop seeding ? thanx

    i want the file to be moved to a different folder once the download as ended. i put in which folder i want to go to but once the download finish it will start to seed and will never move the file to the folder i stated on the option . ideas?getting very frustrated with Deluge ...rss and moving files ...such basic thing but difficult to make it work. thanx


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    It's not clear to me here, but are you trying to install the YaRSS2 plugin from the Deluge web page interface? If so that is not supported. Either use the GTK thin client from another machine or place the egg file in the container's plugins folder.

    i have placed the egg file in the container's plugins shows on the plugin window ..but putting a tick next to it does nothing.

    Does it show up at all on the installed plug-ins? Try renaming the .egg file and removing the numbers (version # like 2.3.4). For example, if the name of the .eg file is YaRSS2-rss-2.3.egg try renaming it to YaRSS2-rss.egg.

    just tried but no luck. it will not show . when selecting the .egg file using the install option on the window i select the file but this is what it shows on the installer....i then click install but it will not install.


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    Thanks guy for the informations.
    By the way I cannot find any tutorials when it comes to adding one or more HDD to a existent raid5 pool for example or most importantly what procedure to use if in need to replace a dying HDD and then rebuild it , thanks

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    4x 6tb HDD are on the way, I need to decide which file system to use ,my current Synology is ext4 so wondering if go for ext4 to,...which one are you using guys and why . Thanks

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    Thanks for the information, if I change the location of the docker now to a different partition or HHD will I loose all the containers already created or they will be moved over automatically Any performance difference? Thanks

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