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    As far as the quota, I had everything stored on the main pool. I just had to create some Filesystems/Volumes and rework the mount points/mv the files to the new locations. Frankly it ended up being cleaner, but I literally had to change everything, including Portainer paths.

    Then each filesystem/volume can be individually configured for quotas.

    I’m not really trying to rename the shared folder, just rename the main SMB service name, it so when I go browse the network the main link is “NAS” vs “NAS - SMB/CIFS”.

    I would be ok if it was “NAS - Media”, “NAS - Files”. But it literally says “NAS - SMB/CIFS”.

    My NAS is appropriately named "NAS", and when I have the SMB/CIFS enabled, the share name that I see on my Mac is "NAS - SMB/CIFS". For some reason this bugs me, and I would like it to just be "NAS". Second, one of the shares is a time machine backup location. I used to be able to use share quotas, but apparently that went away/was moved, and likewise I can't figure it out (I did come across a tutorial, but I'm running ZFS and could not enable quotas under File System). I didn't see it was possible to enable user quotas either.

    1. For 4.x you were able to rename the SMB service name fairly easy with the desired effect. Is there an equivalent of doing that under 5.x?
    2. Any way of enabling quotas on ZFS.

    Thanks in advance.