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    Hello all, I have ran both systems before but this is the first time I am attempting to migrate one of my servers to a different OS while retaining data. All my drives under Unraid now are formatted under xfs.

    If I were to migrate to OMV, would I be able to build a new pool with unionfs and snapraid while still retaining all my data? Also would I have to use the same drive I use now as parity or will it screw it all up because it was all written under Unraid settings?

    Hey all, I followed TechnoDadsLife video to a T on youtube. The problem I am having is that when I start up the container. I am getting a continual loop of "starting plex media server" in the log. I have attached a picture below. The web ui is not accessible at all. Any idea how to fix this?

    Fixed this. It was because I had my appdata folder on the unionfs system. Moved the appdata folder to a single drive and all is well now!