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    I tried

    omv-confdbadm migrate conf 5.5.19

    I found this in this forum.

    Now I get the error

    I have OMV version 5.5.19-1 on a pc.

    I just added a new drive.

    I removes spaces in the volume name on a windows machine (when this will get fixed?).

    I added the drive to a sata port.

    I deleted the drive in the list of drives. Than I added it again with new volume name and file system xfs.

    Then I clicked 'mount'.

    When I click 'accept changes' I got the following error :

    Stay healthy Bernd

    I've added a new hard drive, it appears in the list of drives.

    It also appeared in the list of file systems as "Elements" with "extFAT". I deleted it and try to add it with xfs, as I did with the other hard drives.

    I click on File Systems / Create and a dialog with "Device:" appears. Here I can click on it, there is a message "Loading ..:" then the dialog comes back. There is no hard drive to choose from.

    What can you do ?

    Greetings Bernd

    Error part 2 :

    I added a new drive to the UnionFS.

    After "accept changes" I got the following error :

    Now a lot of file are missing, I think that the drives that are shown by the UnionFS modul are not OK.

    What to do ?


    Error part 2 :