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    I don't run that repo but according to your output, it does not support rsync. I'm not sure if votdev can enable that or not.

    sourceforge only seems to support rsync over ssh for uploading. So, will probably have to use http/https.

    Have you tried wget? With retries and continue, It could download each repo with one command.

    OK, I'll try wget or other ways. Thanks~

    Hi! I'm from China. I have used many NAS systems. After using OMV, I decided to be it. I have used it for a long time so far, but there is a problem that has troubled me. For well-known reasons, if you do not use VPN, when Chinese users download OMV iso installation files, OMV package files, or the OMV-Extras plug-in files, the speed is very, very slow, and even only a few B/s at the slowest, sometimes it will be interrupted. So I want to request several open source mirror stations in China to carry out the synchronization work of the OMV project, but when I try to use the rsync tool to try to synchronize, the following error message is prompted:

    This seems to be that the server has not started the rsync service. I also checked the documentation of OMV, sourceforge and bintray and found no way to synchronize. In China, because there are many people who continue to promote OMV on video sites, now OMV users are increasing. But because of the problem of software updates, which has been affecting everyone ’s use. Is there a way for Chinese open source mirror station to make sync these three services of OMV? Can we only download all files using HTTP or HTTPS?