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    Hello, could you help me. I also have the same problem . Duplicati does not want to open. I followed the tutorial from Tchnodad Life and nothing changes. I checked everything I could verify. Need your lights.

    I have the same concern as you, but on a pc, no rapsberry. I made a backup of my nose with backup plugin and this morning, impossible to achieve on the control panel. Password good, but the page does not appear, remains blocked in loop on the login.

    Hello all

    I have two questions about omv5 with docker. I installed Witty (which I adore with the help of the tutorial of Techno dad life, and I try to set up Grafana (which besides will be my second question

    1/The port of Witty is 3000 (on my host server) and the port of Grafana is also 3000, if I change one of them to 3100, it doesn't work anymore. So, how to do ?

    2/ I had an error in grafana, he tells me on the creation of Data, that I have an error " Network Error: Bad Gateway(502)"

    I followed this tutorial:…fd957f0ac?gi=b6b5472f6b56

    Thx for all helps

    Good morning all. Could you help me to set up a docker with multiple user transmission? I created a transmission docker on port 9091, with user 1, it works well. I created another container with port 9092 with puid User2 but nothing is happening. Do I have to realize other chosen?

    Hello, I need your help, I installed omv 5 and I want to connect my printer to usb (no wifi on the printer) and then share it via the omv network, I tried the omv pack cups, but it seems not to be compatible. Name error he tells me. Do you have any info, some help to bring me? ;(:love:

    I installed docker by following the Technodad tutorial; No worries all is perfect. Then I created a user 2 and the problems came. I have several errors and I am in a labyrinth. Here is one of the messages I meet. Some also tell me (after I have tampered with the shared folder permits) that other nextcloud users can list my folders and that I must go to 0770 permission. I tried everything and always the same result. Sometimes even I can no longer create a new folder or file.If someone could give me advice or a solution.Thx very much


    Your directory is not valid Make sure that the data directory contains a ".ocdata" file at its root.


    Your directory is readable by other users

    Please change the directory permissions to 0770 mode so that its contents cannot be listed by other users.

    Thank you especially to you.
    I wanted to know if you had the possibility of carrying out a tutorial of collaborate online or office, with docker and nextcloud for openmediavault?

    Hello . I am currently in the middle of learning to create my NAS and I have followed almostall the Technodad videos. Today was your passage in my learning. If I can give you some advice, think of beginners like me or I need to look several times. The zooms are very pleasant and your speech rate is too fast. Perhaps you could do this more slowly, especially since I am not English, but French. Understanding and automatically translating youtube will be better. Thank you for your tutorial. I really appreciate it.

    Hello . I'm completely lost. I have for several days tried to mount a samba with openmediavault.At the moment I am testing with Virtualbox. I have no problem accessing the server via FTP, SSH or any other means of access, except in SMB
    I watched your tutorial and many more again and again the same problems. I created several "users"

    Jean, Pierre, marc and Yves, for future local use only. No external access to the network (no external domain name)I manage to create the SMB server, and it is discovered in w10 (my computer), that of my children on the same network is invisible. (all computers are equipped with w10 or w10 pro)Then I try to connect to each user from my computer to check if the accounts are all ok. And I can't do it, except for one "marc" account. I have all tried deleting Mapping, deleting dns caches, or other wacky ideas. Nothing works. So I decided to delete the users Marc from the server. As a result, I no longer have access to the smb on the w10. I can see it but I cannot connect it.I'm going crazy so much it keeps me from sleeping. If I manage to set up all this OMV server, I can buy the hardware to go on a fixed installation.thanks a lot for your help ||||