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    OK, I've understood and found my mistake: I've tried to install OMV 5 on a Stretch version of Armbian...
    This evening I tried again from the beginning: I went back on Armbian website and saw something I've missed last time : download page suggest Bionic & Stretch but at the bottom there is a link to "check other download options".
    Buster is available there, and you know what ? It works perfect when installing OMV 5 on it using the script (thank you Aaron for this)
    Now OMV 5.3.7-1 is running on my bananaPro.
    Next step is setting up everything.

    Thank you all for your replies and sorry for having made this mistake ...

    Bonjour OMAVOOS,

    Congratulations for having successfully installed OMV5 on your BananaPi. :thumbup:

    I personally have a BananaPro. 2 days ago, OMV crashed for some reasons. I suspect the SD card but this is not the point.
    I've tried many times to install Armbian10 & OMV 5 as described in "Adden-A-Installing_OMV5_on_Armbian.pdf" :
    - flash Armbian on SD Card,
    - start Bananapro,
    - update & upgrade Armbian,
    - Aaron script : wget -O -…Script/raw/master/install | sudo bash

    I always get errors about missing dependencies :(:( .
    Could you let me know the way you success ?

    Thank you in advance !!