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    When performing some procedures I sometimes need to restart OMV (using raspberry pi4), and at least 10 reboots do a boot check (fsck), so I have to wait more than an hour (2TB HD), does anyone know what can it be?

    Tks bro!

    Works perfectly!

    I needed a GUI to do some tasks that are way too long over CLI. When I was on OMV 4, it was easy to just install the remote desktop plugin. However now on OMV 5, there is no such plugin.

    This is what worked for me to have access to a GUI again (I'm using a Windows machine for this, wouldn't know how to do it from Mac, sorry):

    • Open Putty (or whatever you use to access the console)
    • Type tasksel
    • Select Xfce
    • Press TAB once to Ok and press ENTER
    • Wait for it to fully install (once it's finished you'll be taken to back CLI)
    • Type apt install xrdp xorgxrdp
    • Once it's finished, you may close the CLI
    • Open RDP (Remote Desktop) in Windows
    • Type in the IP address to your OMV server

    All you need to do after it connects is enter root as a username and your root password, and now you have a GUI to do whatever you need in there.

    Any chance to install jdownloader on docker (or not) and access web interface via LAN instead the website?

    Website is veeeeery laggy for me, and i don't achieve via LAN (I forwarded the doors and activated upnp) =/

    Sry for my bad english haha