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    I had been considering keeping the zfs in ProxMox too since it makes sense for a few reasons. For that kind of setup do you use a container for omv or VM? I'm fine with having a separate VM for docker too, just thought there may be some benefit to using the omv dockers if I just want to use them for Sonarr/Jackett/Transmission/etc.

    Two questions on the file system sharing:

    - Anything in particular you need to do with permissions between the two? When sharing between containers I've had to make sure user id's match so that the various containers can work on the same files.

    - Where is the disk health monitoring in this case? I was considering the HBA passthrough because I assume omv has an easy to use webpage where I can check the disk health. Right now I'm setting up postfix to forward email on ProxMox then making sure smartd/zed are emailing on errors, and also scheduling regular long smart tests and scrubs. That's a bit of a pain to setup and I'm concerned I may not have everything setup correctly. Was hoping omv could just keep the disks healthy without so much work on my end.

    Hello, I'm trying to install OMV for the first time, this is on a VM in ProxMox with 4 cores, 16GB ram, a single 32gb sata disk (virtual), virtio network port. I can walk through the installer region/language screens, I see the messages about setting up DHCP IPv6, then it hangs on the blue ASCII screen with progress bar at the bottom with no output. For BIOS I had OVMF selected and used the default Intel i440fx machine type. I am planning to pass through a Dell PERC H310 flashed to LSI firmware in IT mode when ready, but I have read that for install its best to have a single disk. All bits are latest (just downloaded) or updated (ProxMox). I did see the TechnoDadLife video on this and tried using the same settings, but he FFs through install. If anyone has an updated, written tutorial on ProxMox VM install it would be appreciated. Also would be fine with switching to LXC but I assume that's not a great option if I want to run a few Dockers (and not sure it if works with PCIe passthrough).