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    I thin I found the problem.

    I think it's not the log files that has the wrong owner, but the logrotate configuration for clamv, located at /etc/logrotate.d

    Changed. Let's see if the problem stops happening

    Could not deal with this last weekend. From last night to today morning, it backed up about 20Gb only.

    Now I made this modification and in a couple hours it already backed up about 30Gb !

    Thank you !!!

    Is a very specific on why containers might require an ip on the same local bridge Subnet, but really all of them ?. Is this because you want web access to all of them on port 80 so you don’t have to type the port?

    If this the case you might need to look at a reverse proxy usage like traefik or nginx without the need to use an exclusive lan ip on all of them.

    What other Way I can access te services installed on each container ? Let's say, if I install a Pi-Hole container, I have to configure all my network to access that container DNS service. It needs a static known IP. If I have another service with a specific web server, not necessarily on port 80, how can access it if it does not have the IP static ?

    I was searching a lot about that, but found some solutions I cannot implement now, or could not now how to do this, like install ipam-driver for macvlan.

    An easy solution seems to put a static IP address to the container by passing the parameter --ip="" to docker run command. But how do I do that ? where the launch config files are located, so I can edit then and add this parameter ?

    UPDATE: It was so easy.. but since I'm new on this world, never saw the option. There's a BUTTON on top left (portrainer) to edit the Container, it's called Duplicate/Edit. And from there we can edit the container (thing I was missing). Also, on this editing/creating a new one I have the option to set the IP address. It worked.

    I've already came on that page, and it does not show hw to configure the interface to use DHCP from my router. I prefer use Portainer if possible. All this configuration explained is possible from web interface and that's what I did.

    My container is getting the IP configured in the range I specified. And I cannot change it.

    Sorry, but althroug I am advanced on Linux, I'm very new on Docker.

    UPDATE: If I try to not define a IPRANGE to the container, it assumes all subnet as the range and applies OMV IP address to it, regardless the configuration I set in exclude-its. seems it's being ignored. So, it is not being asking DHCP, Docker is auto assigning the ip to it.


    Sorry if there's. a answer about that over there, but I really didn't find it.

    I'm new on Docker. I have a OMV5 installation with some services and want to port all of them to Docker container.

    But I want that each container has it's own real fixed IP address, given by my router DHCP.

    I created a container in Portainer, Configured it to use macvlan and it works. But the IP address is assigned by Docker, and not the DHCP of my router. I don't even know if this IP address can change some day if the container is loaded after another.

    the MACVLAN config is set to (IP example):

    Subnet -

    Gateway -

    IpRange - (I set this to avoid conflicts to other machines).

    How can I configure it to ask the IP address from my router DHCP server ? This way I can control better the access to the application by IP, set DNS on my LAN, etc....


    Thanks, I thought about that, but I also thought it would be a little faster.

    anyway, I just saw that if the backup is stopped is resumes later, so, with much patience, someday it will be completed.

    I'll wait and see if it works and if he next ones will be faster, since they are incremental.

    Hi all,

    I constantly get the following error:

    Cron <root@NAS> /usr/lib/armbian/armbian-truncate-logs on the Mon, 6 Apr 2020 13:30:18 -0300 (-03)
    error: Ignoring clamav-daemon because the file owner is wrong (should be root or user with uid 0).
    error: Ignoring clamav-freshclam because the file owner is wrong (should be root or user with uid 0).

    I 've already checked the files, changed the owner to root, but the message keeps coming.

    sudo ls -al clamav
    total 8
    drwxrwx--- 2 root clamav 4096 Mar 26 09:37 .
    drwxr-xr-x 15 root root 4096 Apr 6 13:30 ..
    -rw-rw---- 1 root clamav 0 Apr 6 13:30 clamav.log
    -rw-rw---- 1 root clamav 0 Apr 6 13:30 freshclam.log

    Any clue ?

    Thanks !


    Could somebody explain to me, please...

    I have my OMV5 installed on a NAS server in another network than my devices. Lets say: 10.0.0.x. My devices are on 10.0.1.X

    I like this configuration, I have full control of the access to NAS using my router firewall, it works to access my files, my TV with Kodi plays well my videos with a SAMBA share. But now I tried to play a video with Chromecast (from iPhone) to realize that the subtitles do not work when casting.

    I need the most simple alternative for my wife or son to use it.

    I was considering to install Serviio on OMV, but when I tried to run on Kodi on my TV, the App Kodi just crashed. After digging for some answers, I "think" that's because uPnP works only on the same LAN, can't be routed. Is that right ? How can I watch my videos with subtitles from my device and cast them to chromecast preserving subtitles, with my NAS on a different network ?

    Thanks !


    I have a ODROID-HC2 with OMV5 installed.

    I made a a Share called BACKUPS and activated it to support Timemachine Backups, but the speed seems to be too slow.

    I already followed some topics (at least the official ones) here to improve SMB speed.

    My server and AP are on a 1gbps link, my MBP is connected to it through Wifi AC, current connection speed is about 450Mbps.

    I have 1.36Tb of data to backup, left it backing up for 12 hours or a little more and is backup up 118,10 Gb. Today I copied a bunch of files through SMB to it, it was about 19,38Gb and took about 40 minutes to copy all.

    SO, it seems to be some TM specific config.

    I'd really like to turn my TmeCapsule off and keep only my OMV5.

    I know OMV5 is still Beta, still needs adjustments, but is there another thing I can do to improve the speed of a backup from Time Machine ?

    Thanks a lot !


    I have a ODROID-HC with OMV5 installed.

    It has a 1Tb disk and I just got a 4Tb to substitute it.

    I 'm considering format this new disk as ZFS.

    I 'd like to know if ZFS on OMV5 is stable to use, and if I will get any benefits on using it on a one-disk configuration. HC2 has only one SATA interface and only one disk.


    Hi, If you are planing to use the NAS as TimeMachine, than you must install OMV5, since Stretch will come with older Samba and will not work. You will need at least Samba 4.8 to do that.

    I've just installed OMV5 on my ODROID-HC2 and it is working perfectly.

    Hi ! Could someone also help me ?

    I have a ODROID-HC2 too, I've installed OMV4 with Stretch Image and all went OK. It was working.

    But I need to install a new version of samba, and tried to install OMV5 following the same guide. User the Buster Server image as on the guide. Got some errors, but it installed. After the reboot, the OMV version was still 4:

    dpkg -l |grep openmedia
    ii openmediavault 4.1.35-1 all openmediavault - The open network attached storage solution
    ii openmediavault-flashmemory 4.2.2 all folder2ram plugin for OpenMediaVault
    ii openmediavault-keyring 1.0 all GnuPG archive keys of the OpenMediaVault archive
    ii openmediavault-omvextrasorg 4.1.16 all Package Repositories for OpenMediaVault

    My Samba version is also 4.5. How can I update it ?